Monday, December 26, 2011

A new year...soon


I hate it.

All day I have been doing some research on various forms of marketing.  While I did get a few ideas, nothing really that will help me.  While there is a lady that makes her living telling people how to run an embroidery business...I don't want to pay her.  I'm sure she has some great ideas.  I'm sure she thinks her ideas are worth the price.  I just don't have the money!  If I had more business I could afford her ideas.  If I had more business I wouldn't NEED her ideas.  

As another year approaches, I wonder if I should just fold up the business and not even worry anymore.  Even though my business made a profit for the first time this year.  A whopping $38.00 profit...sort of.  (I did not add the cost of the batting to my final amounts, which would make me be in the red again!

Maybe I'll just do some more research....


Thursday, December 22, 2011


It has really been a long time since I've been on here!

So much has happened, that I don't know where to I won't!  Instead I will jump back in here like I spoke with you yesterday!

Today, Miss Heather came over with her brood and we made Magic Reindeer Food.  Had a great time and got to play with Mr William!  He was really enjoying looking at all the mixing going on.  Since this is his first Christmas, he isn't quite sure what to make of all the activities, but he is sure enjoying it!

To the best of my knowledge, I have finished with all my Christmas shopping...EXCEPT for Christmas dinner.  We till haven't made up our mind what we want to do.  We have tossed around finger foods, brunch, ham and even a turkey.  I only know I don't want it to be much.  I would rather it be something small and quick.  Of course, Hubby says we should just go to the Chinese restaurant after church...but oddly enough, they will be closed on Christmas Day!  The only day of the year they are closed, but closed they are!  While the main owners are Buddhist, some of their employees are Christian, so they close.

My poor tree looks kinda is big enough, and decorated nicely, but there are no presents under the tree... Hopefully, Santa will be bringing some loot!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The decision to Home School

This morning I am feeling a thousand times better about our decision to home school (not that I was feeling bad about it before!).

Last time we home schooled Mr D, I had to go over one day's worth of lessons for a whole week before I felt he was 'getting' it.  Now, we are able to do one to two days worth of work in each subject each day!  Sometimes I have to MAKE him stop!  He is now wanting for us to read Harry Potter.  I've decided that if he is showing an interest in the book we have to do it!  So, starting today we will be attempting to read Harry Potter.  (well, I will be reading, he will be listening!)

Reading and math are still the subjects that I worry about.  He is still a non-reader, and he can now add using a number line, he loves to count out loud, and he has taken to counting to 100 as a way to occupy himself in the car.  I'm trying hard not to push him, but yet keep him challenged.

We know that these two subjects will probably always be a struggle for him, just because of the way the brain injury affected him.  We are hoping that continued exposure to math and reading will help him start to absorb just a bit more of it.  He has always loved books, and has loved being read to since he was a baby.

Yesterday his doctor told me she thinks there is no question that the decision to home school was the best one for him.  I have seen no major meltdowns since the beginning of summer.  The only ones I have heard about was in information coming from his 'teacher' in public school.  (and those generally came as a result from having sugar)  I see when he is getting frustrated, and we talk about it and give options for how to handle his feelings.  We have verbal cues for when we are in public and he is working through these issues without incidents.

If only the public school could use those simple techniques in the classroom.  I mean, she only had seven students and a para pro!  How hard could it have been?  No, her solution was to lock him in a closet and tell me it was for his protection.

A n y w a y !  We are really enjoying the time together as we home school as well as the flexibility we now have.  Some days, Mr D likes to sleep in at lest 6:30! And some days he likes to get up with Sissy at 5.  Some days he needs a nap in the middle, and some days he pushes through wanting to get finished before the clock has a certain 'time' on it (kinda like a  race against the clock!  LOL).  Some days we have therapy appointments, and some days we stay in our jammies all day.    Some days we have 'class' at the grocery store (sorting, counting, reading labels) and some days we bake cookies.

Those that know me, know I had serious reservations about letting him go back to public school.  I only agreed to a month as a trial.  But, he was enjoying it so much I gave in.  Then, when things started to go bad, I let it go on way too long because he wanted to stay there.  I am so extremely happy with my decision to go back to home school., if I can just find a good name for out little school...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to Home School

What a wild weekend it has been...but then again, the whole week was kinda crazy!

Miss B and the Princess were out of school and home with me.  It just didn' seem fair to make Mr D have school when the girls weren't so we took a fall break as well.  During the summer, I borrowed the baby monitor so I could work downstairs while the kids were upstairs playing.  It worked pretty good...and when they got quiet it was because they were plotting.

This past week...not so much!  If I walked all the way downstairs, they started fighting.  If I sat on the couch they played quietly.  Even if they didn't know I was downstairs, the fighting began once I got the machine turned on.  Not a very productive week for the sewing cause!

I had made big plans for the weekend.  Miss B was going to be at her sister's house (her reward for straight A's)  Mr D and I were planning a weekend of Wii and sewing.  Him the Wii and me the sewing.

Unfortunately, I got one of those strange headaches.  Not a migraine (which I am used to ) but some sort of extremely hard sharp pain going through my temple.  I'm pretty sure it had something to do with my neck, since I popped it a bit right before it started hurting.

This basically meant Saturday afternoon and Sunday were a bust for me.  I did manage to get some napkins and a towel monogrammed for our Thanksgiving guests...and managed to get the binding on the other problem quilt.  But that was on Saturday morning before the headache set in.
Last night, I started feeling a bit better so I sat down at the computer to play a silly game.  The next thing I know is it is after 11pm and I have to get up in less than 5 HOURS!  Being out of school for a week really messed up my schedule.

Now it is Monday and we are hard at work in school.  Yes, I know it is only 7 am, but we already have 2 hours in .  We really only have reading and a bit of math to finish and we are done for the day.

Right now is when I can truthfully say I am so happy Mr D is a morning person like me.  We can get school started and finished before most people are even out of bed.  Then if we find more interesting stuff to do along the day we can add a few things here and there.


On mommy's agenda today is to start drafting a letter to the school board and superintendent about the events that led up to home schooling this time around.  I keep hearing all kinds of rumors that  this principal needs to go...


Thursday, October 20, 2011


OK...I admit it.  I am a thread snob as well as a thread geek!

When I first got my quilt machine I thought, thread was thread.  I mean how different can it really be?  So I stuck a spool of regular Coats N Clark on the thread stand and thought, 'Boy, I'm really quilting now!'  Umm...not!

It would not take a single stitch without snapping that thread.

That began a 5 year journey to learn all I could about thread. Even if I thought I was only learning which thread I needed to buy.

Now that I have an embroidery machine, I am learning a bit more about other types of thread as well.  Right now, my pet peeve is over dyed thread!

You see that nice shade of purple, or pink, or what ever your favorite color is?  Well, in the manufacturing process, there are mistakes...lots of mistakes.  When the thread is misdyed, it can't be sold.  Some companies, just throw it away.  Some companies try to salvage the thread by a process called over dye.  In those companies, that is where your black thread comes from.

All that mis dyed thread is thrown into a vat and dyed black.  (well, it is a bit more complicated than that, but that is the basic process.)  Some companies throw in another process of bleaching the thread a bit to get some of the old color out.

A lot of people realize that black thread is almost always weaker than any other color.  Some people assume it is because the black dye destroys the fiber a bit more than other colors.  Well, they are half right.  It is the dye that is destroying the fibers, but nott he black color.

The process of over dye makes the thread weaker.  It is easy to tell if your black thread has been over dyed. If you are embroidering, and you get to the clipping of the jump stitches (especially around the face area where the stitches are small and there are lots of jumps from place to place) and you get these black 'fuzzies' everywhere.  THAT is from the process of over dye.

No matter what type of thread, cotton, nylon, polyester, name it; over dyed thread is weaker than non over dyed thread.  I'm sure the thread manufacturer looks at it as a way to make their bottom line look better, and they might even consider it as their way of recycling to help the planet.  But for me, I will not purchase over dyed black thread again!

There!  I feel much better having warned the general public against buying over dyed thread!  (at least the three people who will read my blog anyway!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cobbler's Children

I have done it several times.  Put something for my kids on the back burner for my kids or family so that something that HAS to get out immediately can be done...but I have always eventually gotten back to their stuff.

This time, well, that has changed.

A year ago, my youngest, Mr D, decided he wanted his room redone and even picked out the quilt he wanted me to make for him.  It had a ton of embroidery on it, and has turned out really cute.  I bought the flannel for the backing and got ready to put it on the frame.  Only to discover I was out of batting.  I finally bought some batting, only to have to put it to use on a different quilt.  

Yesterday, I went to put the last of my baby quilts on the frame to get it out the door (only a week late) when I discovered I had either measured or counted wrong.  I was a quarter of a yard too short having enough.  So, I did what any quilter in a pinch would do...I cannibalized  Mr D's quilt.  I took the nice large piece of flannel that was to be the backing for Mr D and cut it up to make a backing for the baby quilt I am making...

Eventually I will get back to Mr D's quilt.  I only have to buy some new flannel and some new batting!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Customer Service

In my previous life I worked in customer service.  Most recently as an insurance customer service representative (as well as underwriter) .  I helped train other customer service reps.  I know a thing or two about customer service.  I firmly believe that the absence of good customer service int h US has a lot to do with why our country is in such a financial place right now.  I mean, if the only thing you have to judge where to buy something is price, why not go to a foreign country?

There use to be customer service in the United States.  We used to pride ourselves in how well we treated our customers.  Treat them well and they will come back. I remember when I was younger, much younger, my grand father used to drive out of his way to get gas at a particular gas station and pay a penny more per gallon for it than the closer station.  My grand mother used to tease him about it all the time, but his response was always that the guy there always washed his windows just a bit better than at the closer station.

That has always stuck with me.

Now, you are lucky if the gas station even has something for you to use to wash your windows...I mean they even charge for air now.

As a quilter, one of my most important supplies is thread.  My quilter is very particular about the type of thread it will use. Then, there is the whole problem of not quilting enough lately to be able to make a minimum order for most wholesalers.  And retail?  I can't believe anyone would pay those prices!

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to find a good wholesale supplier with good prices and no minimum order requirement.  But most important was her wonderful customer service!  If I had a question about a particular thread I knew an email would be answered quickly.  I knew that her statement that orders were filled within 24 hours was so true.  I actually had orders arrive the next day!

I am working on two baby quilts that need to be delivered on Saturday.  Last Tuesday, I discovered that I was out of the color of thread I needed for one, an knew I had no thread for the other.  I placed an order for the thread and got a few other items as well.  True, it was still a small order, but it was right at $50.00.  I saw on her website a notice that her website would be changing names soon, but would continue to offer the same quality service as before.  Her turn around time was still listed as 'less than 24 hours', so I saw no reason to worry.  In fact a lot of the vendors I use have been updating their websites so I didn't give it a second thought.

Yesterday, I got a rather strange email from someone I didn't know stating my package had been mailed.  There was no company address...nothing except a strangers name.  I tried to click on the 'tracking' info and got absolutely nothing out of it.

Last night, with no fabric here, I sent an email to my favorite thread seller.  I was concerned that I wasn't going to get my quilts finished in time.  The money came out of my account last Tuesday, so I knew there was no problem there.

This morning I had an announcement in my email.  Not only did my thread supplier change websites, but she retired and gave all her customers to another company.  That strange info about that package yesterday...yup, that was my notice that the package I have been waiting on for a WEEK has finally been mailed.  I am now the unwilling customer of someone I don't know.

Now, I am at the mercy of the post office, I seriously doubt that my package will get here before Saturday (so the quilts will NOT be finished in time for their showers!!!)  I cannot even get my login info to work on the new site to see how much the thread has gone up (because you KNOW it has!)

So, these new owners of my customer info have several strikes against them.
1-the manner in which the change took place does not sit well with me.  The "notice" was non existent and the change in shipping time is making a huge difference to me.
2-the fact that I cannot get into the site means I am not likely to be a repeat customer.
3-the fact that they sent me the email about my package without any previous knowledge that my package was in their hands.
4-the fact that it is now being shipped via the post office (which has really sucky tracking info) as opposed to UPS as normal.

OK...that is four strikes...I think they are out of here.  So seriously thinking about filing a paypal claim.  I know I will not get my money back.  That really isn't the point at this time.  I just want them to respond to the many emails I've sent about my order....some sort of acknowledgement that I am upset....anything!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

All the shirts are finally done

With a little over 11 days to go, I finally managed to get the last shirt done this afternoon.  With each shirt taking about an hour to complete, it was no easy task.  Yesterday I managed to get 7 completed; even with taking a detour to Joann's with my oldest daughter.

So, now that I can be reasonably sure that the two kids , hubs, and I will be dressed for Disney, I can go back to more fun planning Disney!  LOL!

A few changes to our line up, my daughter and her wonderful husband have decided to join us.  Of course, they missed out on all the fun milestones of the countdown, but will be there for the actual fin IN Disney!

I've also gotten a new computer (which is part of the reason the shirts have taken so long.)  I needed a design that was in the computer...but the computer had died. After trying for w a a a a y too long to get the computer in the studio to play nice, hubby decided he would go buy me a new laptop.  My only problems with it so far is that the keyboard is 'different' and I am having a bit of a problem getting used to typing on it....or maybe I am the one that is a bit 'different' and it is having trouble decifering what I am banging into the keyboard...not sure which!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wow! It has been a long time...

I just realized I had been so busy I had forgotten to post on here!

Well, Mr William decided to FINALLY make his appearance on Aug 24.  He is perfectly healthy and absolutely gorgeous!  It is so nice to be an honorary grandmother again.     I can hardly wait to let the spoiling begin... and can you believe this...I am actually letting the family have time together before I swoop down to claim him as my own!  LOL!

As (I think) I posted earlier, I am taking my business in a whole new direction.  I will be focusing on one or two tshirt designs at a time.  Being able to personalize them to the wearer will be so much fun.  So far I have a football shirt that has been posted, and while I had some buzz in the beginning, they have not sold as well as I had hoped.  

Of course, I have made a few onesies and burp cloths and have decided I really LOVE doing these.  I get to have a semi baby fix while working.  Getting paid to make things for babies...can anything be any better??!!

Of course, I am putting all the business stuff on hold until October so I can finish getting everything ready for the Disney trip coming up in just  26 days, 18 hours and 32 minutes!  The biggest chore I have left to do is the 22 shirts.  

And then, the even bigger task is to get some pictures made of all the shirts!  I have promised so many people that I would post pictures of  them, so I have to get busy on them!

So, here is my very brief update.  I promise not to stay away so long this time!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Yup, it is that time of the year again!  On this date 34 years ago two important things happened. One, Elvis left the building for the last time; and most importantly, I married my lifelong friend.

This morning I woke up to find a dozen beautiful roses (in my tea picture!  LOL!) and a box of my favorite Keruig coffee cups!  Gotta love a man who knows the way to MY heart!


Thursday, August 11, 2011


Our house is some sort of a remote waste land.  Ever since Mr D learned how to take batteries out of the remote to power his 'toys', remotes are hard to keep in their 'home'.  It is easy to put your hands on a dozen dead remotes at any given moment in time.

So, there are lots an d lots of generic remotes.  You know those that can be programmed for any tv, or dvd player.  Which is fine. We work very hard on trying to teach Mr D not to cannibalize a remote for his toy, but so far our luck has been mediocre.  Of course, our best strategy was to buy a gazillion batteries and keep them around, but it is really funny how fast you can go through a gazillion batteries!

My current problem has to do with the satellite tv system.  We have 4 receivers and each one is on a different frequency and requires its own specific remote.  They are not interchangeable.

The remote in the bedroom came up missing over the weekend.  Since it never leaves the bedroom it should be easy to find.  There are only two people who ever watch tv there, and they both understand the concept that the remote must remain in that room.  So far, it has eluded capture. (since it obviously has run away!)

This morning, the remote in the living room has disappeared.  Now, this one has a bit of a disappearing habit.  It frequently  attempts to leave the premises, but is usually apprehended in either the toy box, laundry room or one of the kids bedrooms.  Its favorite temporary hiding spot is in the cushions of the sofa.  Most of the time it is apprehended before it can make its get away.

A quick search this morning was unfruitful, but a full scale man hunt will begin once the kids have left for school.  (It has long been suspected that the kids are sympathizers of the fugitives).


Monday, August 8, 2011

When last we 'spoke' I had listed two dresses...well, that was the worst experience of my life!  One never would get back to me, but I saw she bought another person's dress on the same website, Custom Boutique Resell Group (CBRG).  The other person was a piece of work of the highest level.  She was a phoney buyer...or more accurately a buyer that was using me as her wholesaler and reselling the outfits and passing them off as her own, and even used MY pictures to do it!

It is the first time I have had a negative experience selling anything, so I was totally taken back!  But it did serve as a way to jump start me in redoing my business plan.  I'm seriously reworking everything starting with what I am selling to the way I will do business.

I have today listed all my sample dresses on CBRG.  Hopefully they will sell so I can get started on my new plans.  Stay tuned for more details coming soon!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to Work

So, today I decided to go back to 'work'.  I got two outfits listed on my FB shop, and spoke with a customer about another custom order.

I keep saying that organization is my worst enemy in business, but I think my worst enemy is actually procrastination!   I managed to get down to the studio early enough to finish up my boo boo from yesterday (turned out really nice I might add!) but once I came up to put it on the computer, I had a ton of trouble getting myself back down to work some more.  I already have two more Back to School dresses cut out, just a few hours and they will both be finished.

Then, I also managed to get one up on the website that has been finished forever, but did not like the pictures of it.  Still don't like the pictures, but it is now listed.

This is the Cars outfit.
A total of Nine appliques.  It isn't exactly what I had envisioned, but I think it turned out pretty cute.

So, now I just have to finish dinner, and get back down to work on the other two BTS dresses.  Motivation...where are you?


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anniversary time!

In a few weeks we will be having our thirty fourth anniversary.  While I really wanted to go to Disney, it doesn't seem like that is in the cards (especially since we are going in September for a week!)

So I am looking at something special to do next year.  But then again, we don't have a lot of luck with the biggie

For our 25th, we were going to take a two new babies instead!

For our 30th, we were thinking of a big a new grand baby instead!

For our 35th, I was thinking in terms of a Disney cruise with a vow renewal ceremony on board...I wonder if there is going to be an 'instead' for that one?

(of course, the man in question did say he would take me to McDonald's and a dollar movie afterwards if I really wanted to!)


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not a victim!

Yesterday and today I have had a killer of a migraine.  I mean the kind I probably should have gone to the hospital with...numbness on the right side, unable to move or speak.  Of course today's wasn't as bad and didn't last as long, but it did take half my day.

I know that the migraine is partially due to the neck issues I have and the fact that I may need surgery again soon.  The neck pain is sometimes so bad, I would love to have a migraine to take my mind off it...almost.

This afternoon I decided I am not going to be a 'victim' any more.  I'm tired of the pain in my neck keeping me from getting things done I want to do.  I spend every afternoon in pain.  So, today started my first day of refusing to give in to the pain.

I walked on the Treadclimber for a quarter of a mile.  Not a lot I know, but I kept going until the pain in my hips was too much to ignore and then slowed down.  When it was over I had walked for a little over a quarter mile (.28) and I am not hurting right now.

So, my goal is to find a way to do the things I want to do without hurting my neck.  I guess some research on ergonomics is in order.  And to be more active...I mean I have a trip to Disney in just 68 days.  I need to be able to walk all day!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Technology update...sort of

Since I last spoke about my silly little printer problem...great things have happened.  After weeks of not having a printer, I broke down and .... C A L L E D the company.  I know, I know...anyway, they were very helpful.  It seems my model of printer does this all the time.  So, they sent me a new one...FREE of charge.  All I had to do was 1-give them a credit card to hold $89.00  and 2- send the defective one back.

So, I can now print out anything I want to...if I had paper!  See, the girls discovered Paper Dolls... I no longer have paper to call my own.

And my software woes are a bit better now.  I have given up on the free program!  It is so counter-intuitive it is driving me crazy!  I have started using the other free trial ..Embird.  I love it!  I watched two short video tutorials and can make it do what I want...add names for personalization to designs I have purchased.  So easy.  Well, easy compared to what I was working on!

I think if I had to I could actually merger two purchased designs into one.  No actual designing on my end...but I can now personalize things for other people.  Of course, now I have to purchase the full software package at $150.... but I guess it is a matter of getting what you pay for!

Now if I can just get my computer issues worked out a bit better...this flat screen hooked up to a laptop is starting to get old really quick!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Pod...anyone?

A little over two years ago, I had this great idea.  Since we were going on a trip to Disney, I thought Miss B should have a nice small I Pod to listen to during the long car ride.  Valentine's Day, she received a cute pink Ipod Shuffle with her name engraved on it.

That I Pod disappeared before we ever made it to Disney.  True, it has turned up a couple of times since then, but only once since the trip.

Fast Forward to this Valentine's Day.  I asked her if she would like a new I Pod for this trip.  She was all excited...couldn't WAIT to see what she got...a nice lime green I Pod with no engraving...she was beyond happy.  Her I Pod has been her constant companion since February.

We decided to get Mr D an I Pod  for Easter.  Same reason.  Another trip to Disney.  His was a cute blue engraving.  It disappeared during our trip to Savannah.

(Now, in all fairness, I have to say I thought the hotel staff had taken it.  We left a bag on the bed that had the earphones in it, and when the I Pod disappeared, I was sure it was in the same bag.  Of course the hotel denied ever seeing it...even though the knew what color it was)

Because we used that I Pod as a reward system for Mr D, we really needed it, so Hubby found a white one at a pawn shop for $20.  Then, on Friday, the kids were getting some stuff out of the car and guess what they found...a cute blue I Pod...

Yesterday, the kids were playing in Mr D's room and guess what they found...that RIGHT!  A Pink I Pod with Miss B's name engraved on it!

So, now we have 4 I Pods for 2 kids.  (Not including Mom's)  I think my kids have too much electronics!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So, my last rant was on technology.  I'm thinking this one might be as well!

My printer STILL refuses to work!  It keeps telling me there is a paper jam and there is nothing there.  I know there is a way to reset the error message, but can not find it!  The manual is less than helpful.  It tells me to "remove the paper'!  I already KNOW this part!  I am waiting until 9 am to make the call to Epson...hopefully they will be able to help me.  This printer is only a few months old and I am NOT buying another one!

I am trying to learn some new software for the embroidery business.  I have lost several orders because I can't personalize the outfits with the Disney font.  I have a free version of SEU that has allowed me to do just that.  THANKS JILL FOR THE HELP!!

But, I can't seem to make it work for purchased fonts.  There is so many cute and adorable fonts out I downloaded a free trial version of Embird.  Since it is one of the programs that most digitizers use I thought it would be a good investment.

Now, that is the only thing I have downloaded to the computer (plus we did add a anew flat screen...but no new software).  Now, for the past 4 days I have been unable to load anything on the thumb drives.  Well, more accurately, I can't get the embroidery machine to recognize anything that I load to the thumb drives.  It still only shows the original 4 or 5 design on each drive.

Actually, this problem didn't appear when I downloaded the program, because since then I have downloaded a couple new designs and had no problems getting those to be seen by is just adding anything on to the thumb drives that seems to be a problem.

I plan on getting a new thumb drive and see if the problem is in the actual thumb drive...because the old computer won't let me add anything to the thumb drives either...

I have all this work to do and can't get ANY of it to the actual machine....what a wasted day!

I guess I 'll have to sit by the pool instead...


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Been a while since I posted on here...truthfully been a wee bit busy and haven't had time to sit down and actually type.  I had lots of ideas for posts, but just never had the time.

So, I will start off this post by complaining about technology (or lack of it).  When we got back from our trip to the beach, my laptop wouldn't work.  Actually just the screen died, so it is now hooked up to a monster of an old monitor so I can see what is on the screen...ARGH!

Somehow, Mr D's IPod got left behind at the hotel.  I called back to see if they had found it, and even though the manager knew what color it was before I told him, they haven't seen it...RIGHT!

My printer decided it doesn't love me any had started 'curling' up the bottom edge of the paper (which is the top edge as it comes out...meaning it is not the leading edge) as it prints.  Made for a very messy looking piece of paper.  Not bad, but if I had had a need to print a customer invoice or something important it would have been hard.

Last night, I was trying to print out the coupon for Chili's free kids meal offer, and it kept splitting the coupon into 2 pages.  After 5 tries, I finally had to copy and paste it into a word doc and play with it to print out the right way.  (the waitress told me they had a lot of people having trouble printing it out so I guess I can't really blame the printer for that one!)

Then, as a last straw, I had to print out the revised Disney hours for our September trip...and I got a paper jam.  Three Times.  And it is still jammed, even though nothing is in there.  After an hour, I decided I didn't really need the revised hours and shut it off.

Later today I'll see if leaving it in the corner alone for a few hours will give it an attitude adjustment.....


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sometimes, it is really difficult to post some things.  Trying to be vague in details to protect the innocent, will sometimes have the effect of protecting the guilty.  So, as this is weighing very heavily on me today, I will only talk in vague terms and silently convict the guilty.

When one person makes a selfish decision, it not only impacts their own lives, but those of so many more.  It impacts your family, all those who know you, your friends and coworkers, your spiritual family, and even people who never met you.  It impacts your victims and their family, their friends, coworkers, spiritual family, and casual acquaintances. The impact can be subtle and not so subtle.  The impact is long term and has many still  unforeseen consequences.

I've often heard people ask how God can allow bad things to happen to good people.  But, God allows the rain to fall on the just and the unjust.  He allows free will.  He allows the guilty to make victims of the innocent.    He also allows us to rally around the innocent to try and protect them.    He allows us to decide how we want to deal with our anger and hurt.  It all boils down to choice.

I know that everything happens for a reason.  I also know better than to question God when I can't see the reason.  It is there, we just have to wait a bit and keep searching.

So, as you make your choice today, think about how long term those choices can be.


Monday, June 6, 2011

It is Nursery Time!

After 6 weeks of work and fun, it is time to put the nursery together.  Although I am not 100% happy with the way everything turned out, I do think it will turn out pretty cute!

Let's see, I got three burp cloths (and I have no idea why only was supposed to be 4!); five bibs (again, it was supposed to be 6); one crib sheet (which I cheated and bought!); one window treatment; one bumper pad; one foot stool reupholstered (easier than I thought); one set of rocker cushion slipcovers (NOT my forte); one diaper bag; and one quilt.

Missing are the nursing cover up; changing pad, and pillow for the rocking chair.

The nursing cover up ...well, I just couldn't find the pattern I liked.  None were quite 'right', so I am still working on that one.

The changing pad...I completely FORGOT it!  I know Mama is looking for a contoured one for the actual nursery, but I wanted to make one to put in the diaper bag...One that is washable and matched the bag.  I had decided to wait until after the Diaper bag was finished and completely forgot it until a few minutes ago.  I guess it will come a bit later.

The pillow...well, I ran out of batting, so I have to wait for it to come back on sale.  It usually runs on sale every couple of weeks, so I'm sure it will be time to finish that in a few weeks.

Now...the pictures will come later.  I want to make sure Momma is completely surprised, and she might just peak here for some clues!

...guess I better make sure I have batteries in the camera!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Savannah and Tybee

Was GREAT!  We had a blast.  The weather was perfect (even though they had 2 days of record high temps, we chose those days to be at the beach, where it was 10 degrees cooler and had a nice breeze blowing!).  We did a lot of educational side trips (even though the Princess did not like one of them) and still managed to have a ton of fun.

Of course, one of the times when the kids had the most fun was at the hotel pool.  Strange how something so minor could become on e of the highlights of the trip!  The kids managed to convince dad to get in the pool as well.  We had the whole pool to ourselves.

The Princess was a bit hesitant at first to leave the steps, but once she did...look out!  She was on the rope in just a few seconds flat...she can move just as fast in the water as he can out of the water.

Mr D had purchased a snorkel and goggles at the beach and was dieing to try them out.  Unfortunately he doesn't understand the concept that the top of the snorkel has to remain above water if you want to breathe in...and after a week of using them in the pool at home, he still doesn't get it!

Miss B still thinks she should have been a fish.  It would have been so much easier to enjoy the water, knowing that you never have to get out!

We tried to eat at some local places, but the one time we tried at the beach...well, it was less than stellar.  Our favorite meals ended up being at the 'chain' restaurants we could have eaten at while at home.  We did eat at one place for lunch on River Street that was pretty good...but was a bit too heavy for the heat.

We all came back tanned, and tired!

Now, to get sewing for the Disney trip...I am sooooo far behind!


Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well, it is official.  I have procrastinated so perfectly that this morning when I woke up, there was not a SINGLE item packed!

Those that know me know how odd that really is.  I usually start packing as soon as the dates are firm!  At the very least I have a packing list ready with a list of things that need to be bought.  We leave in two days.

Normally, the husband is in charge of getting the vehicle ready to travel.  He is also in charge of getting his own things packed.  And oddly, he loves to go shopping the night before we leave to get anything that has been forgotten.

This trip he has to work over the weekend.  So all those jobs are now mine.  Sometime this weekend, I have to find time to get the van serviced and detailed, gassed and packed.  And I haven't even started PACKING!

To top it off, Miss B has no clothes to wear! She is so hard to buy for!  Yup...she is at THAT age.  Of course, she has a complete weekend planned with church activities and spending time with her older sister.  I'm not sure exactly how that is going to work itself out.  Probably she and her Dad will take a late night shopping trip Sunday night.

Of course, every time we go on vacation, something happens back here that requires at least one phone call from work to the husband.  (once he even got a call from the bad guy's mom.  She was afraid her son was about to get shot, seeing as how they had him surrounded.  His advice to said worried mom?  "Tell him to give himself up!")

So, we always wodder what is going to happen with this trip.  Sometimes it makes for an interesting trip.  Is THIS the call?  How about THIS one?

And of course, there is always the added adventure of always seeing someone that knows the husband.  Now, we have gone to his hometown.  It is about a 14 hour drive from where we now live.  VERY small town. Does he run into anyone that knows him from when he was a boy?  No, we run into someone that knows him from HERE!  We never go to Disney without someone recognizing him.  While we haven't been to the beach in a long time, we never go without running into someone that knows him.  (A few times it has been the bad guys that recognize him.  Can be a bit strange to be at a restaurant somewhere a long way from home and hearing someone say..."I know you!  You arrested me back in.....")

I suppose, if I really want to get something done, I need to get off the computer and get to work.

(and to any bad guys that are interested in the fact that we are going out of town...our house will still be occupied!  Large size son and two dogs........)


Friday, May 20, 2011

Time to BRAG!

A few years ago, we tried to get Miss B tested for advanced classes at school.  I mean she did get out of Kindergarten reading on a 6th grade level.  You would think they would have some sort of program for gifted kids that were bored out of their mind in SECOND grade.

Her teacher at the time said she did not qualify for even testing for the gifted classes.  She felt Miss B was struggling in class...even though she was making straight A's.  She would not pay attention in class and didn't do her homework at home...she did it at school during class and her teacher wouldn't let her turn it in early, so she just didn't turn it in.

(I am no expert, but it seems to me if a student was bored in class and make straight A's that is not exactly struggling, that is true boredom!)

Shortly after, we started home schooling.

During our last days at that public school, she was recognized by the school board as having aced her CRCTs.

Today, she graduated the fifth grade with several awards.  Among award for scoring the highest (a perfect score) on the language arts part of her CRCTs.  She also won an award for highest score (of her class) on her standardized writing test.  She also got her award for the Beta Club, for being on the merit roll, and a couple of others.  One she did not get was perfect attendance.  But, very few of the kids that got the perfect attendance award got very many other awards.

Who says Disney School isn't a learning experience?


Friday, May 6, 2011

I love Mr D...I love Mr D...

Yes, I am repeating this over and over in my head...and even a few times out loud!

For the past few months we have been experiencing a change in his behavior.  While it was expected, it is not welcomed.  Meltdowns have gone from a weekly occurrence to a many times a day occurrence. Some have been violent, some more subdued.  He is learning things at school that I do not like, but now that he has seen these work for other kids, I really don't know how to 'unlearn' this behavior.

This morning he had a major meltdown before school.  Started with his bath, and ended with his getting dressed for school.  By the time he left on the bus, it was over and he was all smiles and his sweet self.

...then I went downstairs to discover the FLOOD!

Seems more water went on the floor than it did in the tub...there is actually a part of the ceiling that has given away in my studio.  (all be it a small is still there!).  My first clue was a water puddle by the door way...then water soaked boxes (and contents) on the table, followed by the soaking t shirts that just came in for our Disney trip.

I at first hoped it was the refrigerator that was leaking...nope, a quick look at the ceiling confirmed...water fall started in the bathroom directly overhead...more accurately, in the bathtub from Mr D's morning bath time fun.

Now it seems our choices are...a very stinky boy...or Momma giving a boy his daily bath.  I see no good coming from either answer...sigh!


Friday, April 22, 2011

I Miss my mommy!

Determined not to write a long, sad post.  So I will make it quick.

Six years ago today, My Mom left us for heaven.  It was sudden and unexpected.  The resulting pain and grief will be with me until the day I see her again.

By the way, Mom, your roses are beautiful this year!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Friday is the sixth anniversary of the accident that took my Mom.  I went in to the week knowing it was going to be emotional for me.  (And, yesterday was the anniversary of my Step father's funeral.)

Yesterday, a lovely woman at church died.  I think she was in her 90's; and she had Alzheimer's .  She had lots and lots of children, grand children, great grandchildren, and a few great, great grandchildren. (In fact, just a few weeks ago, she was living with her daughter, who is raising her own great grand daughter!)

This was especially hard on Miss B.  Every time she saw Miss Eva, she would give her a hug.  She knew that Miss Eva probably didn't remember her; but she felt that giving her a hug each time she saw her might make her remember her a little bit.  She also thought it was sad that Miss Eva would forget that people loved her.  So, by giving her a hug, she would at least remember for a few minutes that she was loved.

I love my daughter and her sweet, sweet heart.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poor Bubba!

Well, Bubba has been under the weather for the past week.  In the middle of a shirt for Disney he decided he didn't like the design and messed up royally.  I diagnosed the problem, researched the cure and attempted a home grown remedy.

He got better, then today took a turn for the worse.  He will visit the 'doctor' on Tuesday.  But until he gets well, I have no embroidery machine.

So, now I have no projects to work on.  I have about 20 projects working (counting all the Disney shirts as just one project, by the way) and evidently they all involve the embroidery machine.  I have a couple of baby gifts I can plan, but they really need the embroidery machine to carry out. The kids rooms still need some stuff made, but, again, I need the embroidery machine to do them, and I really don't want to cut out the drapery panels until I can embroider the trim.

In looking through all my possible projects, I seriously can't find a thing that does not need Bubba to finish the project...and as all the embroiderers out there know, you generally have to do the embroidery first...

One of those times where you don't realize how much you need something until you can't use it.  Although I probably should have realized it...considering I have almost 4 million stitches in about 14 months time...and I was unable to use it for a couple of months due to the neck surgery!  Oh yeah...Brother recommends you have your machine serviced at 1 million stitches....


Friday, April 8, 2011


For the past several months, I hae been agonizing about how to better store my fabric.  I've seen lots of expensive 'solutions' that don't seem (at least to me) to really be workable in my studio.  As I was sitting at the embroidery machine tonight doing a test design for a friend, I realized that I had a full kitchen in my studio that we weren't using as a kitchen.  In fact the last time any food had been made there was a couple of years ago!

I have a whole row of empty cabinets...uppers and lowers!  So now, they are starting to be filled with nicely folded fabric.  Unfortunately, my pile of fabric is not going down as quickly as I had hoped.  I've barely made a dent in it and have already filled two cabinets!

I think I need to work on a few more storage ideas before I decide this problem is solved, but at least I think I am finally on the way to a better storage system!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

From Facebook

Next time you see a child ' misbehaving' or hear a child screaming, please stop and think, 'could that child have special needs or sensory issues?'. Please spare a thought for the child who struggles to stay calm and regulated and for the parents who are constantly stared at, judged and criticized. *Make this your status in support of ...families living with autism and special needs.*

One of my 'online' friends had this as her status this morning.  When I saw it, I almost burst out in tears!  I can't even count the number of times people have thought Mr D was just misbehaving.  (even had one unfortunate incident where someone who didn't 'know' Mr D tried to discipline him to stop being bad...did NOT end well!

Sometimes I think I should make out cards to pass out when we start having melt downs (or as you might see it a 'temper tantrum' ) Or maybe a sign for him to carry on those bad days!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wild and funny ride!

Last night we had another of those Spring storms the south is known for.  We knew it was approaching, but with 80 + weather it was hard to think about a ...storm?

As the evening grew closer, the clouds started pouring in and the wind really kicked up.  Soon, it was too hard to ignore that it was coming...but too warm to actually close the windows.  (and since we knew a really cold front was behind it, no need to turn on the A/C!)

Hubby had taken the kids fishing; and then a second trip with our Son in Law.  They were just getting back from their fishing excursion when the kids went to bed.  We still had an hour or so before we needed to start worrying about the storm, so all was fine.  However, the wind was so bad I had to lock the deadbolts to keep the doors closed.

Hubby got home from the clean up of the fish (but, knowing him, NOT the clean up of the mess!) around 11...just as the storm was about to hit.  We watched the approaching storm on the tv (that is when the satellite  didn't go out!), and made the decision to get the kids up and go to the basement around midnight.

Now, at this time it actually had just started raining a bit.  We decided to go down really early!  But the weather man was painting a doom and gloom picture of what was happening around us, so we decided to be safe rather than sorry.

We have an office that is built in an interior room of our basement.  In fact, you can't hear ANYTHING from outside when you are down there.   We have recliners in there for the kids to sleep in, so they were all toasty and happy.Well, the dogs don't like it down there, so we had a bit of trouble keeping them down.  I suggested we turn off the light in the stair way (since they are both a bit of chickens in the dark!)

Hubby decided it would be better to close the door leading to the stairway.  Now...before I go any farther, you have to know that the doors on both sides of the stairway lock.  At top and bottom.  It is for security purposes.  When the house was built, the basement was an unfinished area.  At the top of the stairs is a lock that you can easily a bedroom or bathroom lock; while at the bottom, it requires a key to go up.

Whenever I close that door I always check to make sure it is not locked.  In fact, I rarely close it when I am downstairs.  (I think you can see where this is heading!  LOL)

After the storm was over (more or less) we were ready to head back upstairs.  I woke up the kids and hubby was going to go on up to fix another cup of coffee.  Yup, you guessed it!  The door to upstairs was locked from the other side and we didn't have the key with us.

Normally this would't have been an issue...since we rarely lock the back door to the kitchen.  But this time all the exterior doors were locked with the deadbolt!

Now, hubby likes to think of himself as a McGyver type.  So, he proceeded to try and pick the lock.  No luck.  Then he decided to use a knife to jimmie the lock.  No luck.  Then he decided to take the hinge bolts out (why are they on THAT side of the door anyway??!)  Well, he got them out, but the door still wouldn't budge!

He went back to my studio...I thought to see what other tools I had to work with.  No, he went out the basement door, in the rain, up to the kitchen to make sure the deadbolt was locked.  It was.  (by this time the kids were back asleep in the office and I was thinking of turing on the sewing machines to do a bit of work!)

After a few minutes,(a little after 1am) we started hearing a lot of commotion upstairs (yes, it woke up the kids).  You have to know that during the worst of the storm we could not hear a thing from outside.  At one time they said it was almost a continuous lightning strike!

Down the stairs comes hubby....he had broken into my house through the kitchen window.  It was the only one he could find unlocked!  When he went to open the stairway door to 'free' us from the basement...he forgot that the pins were out of the hinges and almost knocked himself in the head with the door!

So, now my basement door is sitting in the basement entry way.  I think it will stay there for quite some time.  And...I am sure that the next time hubby closes a door he will check to see if it is locked from the other side first!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Why is it so hard to find....

a child sized dress form?  I mean really.  If I had $300 to spend I can find lots and lots.  I want a nice pretty one... but I can't seem to find any.  I can get an old boring one for under a hundred...just no pretty ones!

I guess if I didn't have any money at all in my pay  pal account I would be able to find what I was looking for...oh well!s


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fabric Storage


It seems that no matter what I do to the studio, it still is a monster mess!  My fabric is stored in plastic bins, but seems to have taken a life of its own and is sneaking into the rest of the room.  I have places for thread storage, places for scissor storage, places for ruler storage, places for sewing machine feet.  I even have a spot for the storage of the big roll of batting.

I have a cutting table (that doubles as an ironing board with the right top), a place for my serger, a place for my sewing machine, a place for my embroidery machine, and even a place for the extra sewing machine that belongs to my daughter.  I have a computer desk, a tv, and my 12 foot quilting machine frame.

I even have a kitchen sink (as well as a refrigerator and stove!)

But no place for my fabric!  I've thought and thought and researched...but I am at a loss as to how to tame my fabric.  Part of the problem is I have small pieces and large pieces.  I usually purchase fabric in 5 yard increments, but sometimes I will only buy 2 yards.  Then after my project is finished, I will have the left overs. Sometimes less than a yard, sometimes more.  The, I also save the even smaller pieces for my embroidery and applique.

I know the first step is to try and purge some of the smaller pieces, but that is really hard for me to do!  Who knows when I might need some of that particular fabric in an applique?

I have a couple of projects about to get started, and the possibility of a large project coming soon, so being able to find things is a must!  Maybe I can come up with a plan....

If you have any ideas, send them my way!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

IEP mess

Since Mr D's IEP meeting back in October, I really didn't look at the ACTUAL paperwork.  I mean we talked about all the things he needed, and were all in agreement on what should be done.  In fact his teacher was upset that the HWT was agreed upon by the OT that was in attendance.  The subject of the HWT lasted for almost half of the 3 plus hour meeting.

So, now that she is basically refusing to use the HWT method, I read through the IEP for the first time.  It does NOT mention HWT to be used in the classroom, only that they should use 'block lettering'. In fact, a lot of what we discussed was not in the final written IEP.

This is very upsetting.  I assumed that since there was so much discussion on the subject of what type of handwriting was to be used, and the various ways it could be accomplished, that something about it would be included in the final paper.

I have learned some important lessons.  Read each and every word and compare it to my notes, prior to signing it.  Never assume that the school is out for the best interests of the child, and never think ...not even for a second...that if things are going smoothly at school, that the first two things won't come back to bite you in the behind.

On our next IEP I will have someone else there with me as well as taping the meeting.  I will not sign it until I have taken it home to read and study.  Once I sign it, it becomes a legal document.  I am so tired of dealing with a school that doesn't really care about the child.  Only about getting the money and making their life easier.

A bit harsh...I think not.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Decorating a Pre-teen's room

OK...this has been in the process since Christmas!  Now we are in March, and I am still at it!  I found a perfect bedspread/quilt; found the perfect wall paint; found an area rug that matched perfectly.  I have been looking for either window drapes or fabric since sometime in January.

I thought I had found it. was having a great sale.  I love the Fairy Frost line by Michael Miller.  It is so scrumptious!  So, I ordered 11 yards of the Leaf color and 2 of the Orchid.  It came in today.  The Orchid is perfect.  The Leaf...not so much!

I know you should always pick the paint last.  Paint is the easiest thing to match up.  But once we found the quilt, I thought it would be easy from there on, so we settled on the three colors for her wall and painted.

The paint's name is Light Willow.  It is a spring green with a hint of blue undertones.  The fabric is the right spring green, just not the right undertones.  Too much yellow and not enough blue.  (and, yes, I understand that a spring green has yellow in it...but it can have blue undertones as well)

So, now I have to decide if I want to keep trying to find a fabric that will match better, or just go with this.  Miss B will be home from school soon...maybe I'll let her decide!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out of the mouths of Babes!

As I play with my grand daughter each day, I am amazed at how much she is like her Daddy at that age!

There, amongst all the three year old nonsense, she has some amazingly clear thoughts, and knows how to argue her points!

Today, she wanted me to snuggle while watching Disney on tv.  I told her I had to mop the floor.  She explained the only Mommies mop the floor and I was a Memaw, so I had to snuggle. That is what Memaw's do!

When I tried to explain that I was a mommy too, she informed me I was only a Memaw because Miss B and Mr D were at school.  I couldn't be a Mommy until they came home!

She know what she wants and knows how to argue her point!  Maybe a lawyer in the making!

Nini aka Memaw

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Disney is on...and maybe add .....?

With all the talk about the government shutting down next Friday because the kids in Washington can't play nice and decide on a new budget, got us worrying about our income tax refund check.  It was due to be back next Saturday.  Kinda scary.  We started preparing for it by getting all our ducks in rows...

Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was already in the bank!

It made us start thinking in earnest about how we were spending it.  We have a couple of bills that needed to be paid for (some dating back 6 years to before the accident...when I actually made lots of money!)  And after they were paid there wasn't going to be a lot left over.

In the mail yesterday, one of the bills had a settlement letter.  You know, one of those that say you owe us this amount, but if you pay us this amount within 30 days we will call it even.  That new amount is less than half the original amount!  Doesn't take a rocket scientist to decide what we were going to do!

So, after Monday...our basement remodel will officially be paid for!  It only took us 7 years!

But, that left a lot more money for us to 'play' with.  After much discussion...I am getting the deck around the pool (wooooo hoooo!), hubby is going to pay the room and meal portion of the Disney trip (another big woooo hoooo!) and.....we are going to try and squeeze in a short 3 or 4 day trip to the beach!

I may be getting THREE vacations this year!  One to Disney; one to the beach; and one sitting around my own pool!  Can a girl get any luckier than that!!!!!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Been a long time... has been almost a month since I posted here.  I guess that is a good indication as to how sick I really was.  I had the flu, followed by a sinus infection.  Unfortunately, as the sinus infection seems to be getting better, it wants to settle in my chest....and we all know that means a bout of either bronchitis or pneumonia.  Neither of which I I am planning on ignoring it and maybe it will go away!!  LOL!!

The weather was beautiful yesterday, so we took a trip a couple hours east to Augusta.  Did a bit of shopping at the PX at Ft Gordon, and had a nice and noisy drive home.  (Mr D had a pack of gummy worms before we left Augusta...hyper city!)

The topic of conversation on both drives was Disney in September.  It appears that it is a GO! I will make the down payment the first of March and hope for free dining.

Of course, Miss B will not be wearing any dresses, so I only get to make some t shirts for this trip.  I have been informed, also by Miss B, that she does not want to match with us.  We'll have to see what that actually means.  LOL

It is so nice to have a trip to plan for!

Now if we can just make a decision about home schooling ...

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Well, I was all ready to come into this century with a new fangled web enhanced phone.  I had actually narrowed it down to a choice between the I Phone and one of the new Android phones.  I have spent the last week or so researching the phones and plans to see what would work best for my budget and wants.

Last night, I got to play with one of the Droid phones and decided I love it.  Since I hadn't been able to actually hold one of the I Phones it was great to feel how it .. felt in my hands.

So, I come home and try to just upgrade my current phone with T Mobile and get the phone of my dreams.  Wait a minute.  It is going to be HOW MUCH to upgrade?  I can get the phone as a new customer for only 80.00; but if I upgrade I have to pay full price of...499.99??

Seriously?  I have been a customer of T mobile for over 6 years!  Even with problems I have remained loyal, when my phone stopped working after only 6 months, I remained loyal...even though they told me the phone wasn't under warranty! When they charged me twice for the same phone (and took me over 4 months to get it straightened out) I remained loyal.

So for my loyalty...they charge me over 4 times what a new customer would be charged!  It is making the I Phone look better and better.

And, for that whole number portability only applies if you change companies.  If you stay with the same company, you can't keep your number if you just start a whole new account!  GRRRRR!

OK...I still have 3 weeks before my contract is up...and I can wait until then to make the decision...but seriously!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

It is clean! And there is a FLOOR!

Miss B is somewhat of a hoarder.  We have had a real time of it getting her to keep a fire code violation free bedroom.  I came up with a new plan and some strategies from Mr D's therapist.

For Christmas, we were going to redo her room.  She got to chooses the colors, fabrics, everything except the furniture (which is barely a year old and she chose that)

For the past 2 weeks we have been painting her room.  I used to paint a room that size in less than a day, but I have discovered my neck is not as happy painting as it used to be.  I have been working around the junk and the stuff and well, the garbage as I went from wall to wall to paint.

Yesterday, we bit the bullet, finished up the painting (except for some touch ups that will happen today after church services), and started tackling her room.  An hour later, her room was semi-clean.  The only left was her closet.  So, we made a deal...if she got her closet finished before dinner was ready, I would fix them hot chocolate to drink...

I'm not sure how hot chocolate was such a big motivator, but it was.  It took her less than 45 minutes to find her closet floor, and to get it VACUUMED!!  A total of 4 garbage bags came out.

She is now allowed one plastic bin to keep all her treasures in.  Nothing more.  If it doesn't fit in her treasure box, then it goes out.  If she wants to keep more, then something in there has to go out.  We have been working up to the treasure box for the past month, and she really seems to have taken to the idea.    I am really surprised at how well it has worked!

Now, in February I will have the floor guy come in and put down her new hardwood floors. I already have the bedspread and shams, and have the pattern to make her some really cool pillows.  We are going looking at fabric for curtains today or tomorrow.

I think it is really coming together.

And most importantly, she is super uber proud of herself for doing it.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

School...or the lack thereof!

Just got a call that services were cancelled for tonight.  Seems the back roads are still pretty treacherous and slick.  So we were discussing the possibility that school will also be cancelled for tomorrow.

Which brings up the possibility that we won't get back to school until next week.  Monday is a holiday, so we could conceivably not go back until next Tuesday.

The last day the kids were in school was December 17...for only a half day.  It may be January 18 before they get back!  A whole MONTH out for Christmas break!  If that had happened when I was a kid I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven!

The snow is only pretty for so long.  Playing in the ice and cold is only fun for so long.  Staying in the house with a crabby Mom can only be an adventure for so long.  I believe it is time to say "So long" to the 'vacation' and "Glad to see you " to the new school year!



Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bring on the milk and bread!

Officially, the totals of ice are up and snow is down.  Not sure if that is good or bad, but we are starting to plan for it.  After church services today, we will make a short shopping trip to get some much needed items like ...well, milk and bread!

For generations, people here in the south stock up for disasters by purchasing milk and bread.  I have always done my part by getting a new loaf of bread and a gallon of milk, but have never quite understood the 'why'.  I mean, what can you really do with milk and bread?  It isn't going to get your electricity back on any sooner, it won't keep you warmer, it won't even  make a good meal!

But, somehow, it makes us all think we are prepared for what weather might come our way.  Hurricane, Blizzard, Tornadoes, or even Floods.  It doesn't matter what gets thrown our way, we can survive if only we have milk and bread.

I am seriously thinking this may have been our problem during the civil war.  We stocked up on milk and bread when Sherman started knocking on our back door instead of bullets.


Friday, January 7, 2011


I chose to live in the Atlanta area for a reason.  A big part of that was the weather.  Sure, winter gets cold, but it only lasts a few weeks at best, and we get snow ....maybe once a year.

This year I was pleasantly surprised to have a White Christmas.  According to the record books, it is the first one in over 150 years.

But when ...for the second time in two weeks that dreaded "S" word is in the forecast...that is a bit too much!

The weather forecast is changing every few minutes.  The latest one has us getting between a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch of ice...followed by SIX inches of SNOW between Sunday night and Monday night.  Seriously?  We had 58 degrees today.

I am seriously hoping that this is just an exaggeration on the part of the weather people.  I really NEED the roads to be clear on Tuesday morning!  The kids are supposed to be going back to school on that morning!  I need my break!

While I ponder that, I'll go gather up all the supplies needed for an extended period without power.  And...of course, for us in Atlanta, that includes milk and bread!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years

So, here it is...finally...the first Monday of the New Year.  Normally the day kids go back to school, but because  our school district is trying to save money, we don't go back until the 11th.

Been thinking and rethinking my 'resolutions' for the new year.  They really aren't something that is totally written down...and they generally get started and stopped and then restarted through out the year.  Of course, for me and our family, one of those is to loose weight.  Since I am the gate keeper for the kids this should be a little easier than normal.  I mean, I can't very well cheat when I won't let the kids cheat...

Now, on to the money one.  I am seriously rethinking the whole Disney vacation thing.  I know I can make it work, but it will be really tight.  I really need a new stove.  I really want to go to Disney.

Need vs want.

A new stove will be more energy efficient (people that know my stove will say "Duh!").  It will save me money in the long run, it will be more fun to cook on day after day (hmmm maybe keeping me on the diet!), and would just look a lot nicer than the one I have!

A trip to Disney will be a LOT of fun....for one week!

The new stove will cost less than half that of a trip to Disney...meaning I could almost get the matching refrigerator for the same price...but I don't NEED a new refrigerator.

Sometimes it is really hard to be the adult around here...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yup...I am planning another Disney adventure!

Although, it is a bit difficult when you don't know the dates!  LOL

I am waiting on the school system to give us a calendar for next year.  will be be on the 180 day schedule or the 160 day schedule?

I'm pretty sure it will be during the Fall break which is generally in October, but the exact week changes quite often.

Since I won't be making customs this trip (boo) I will have more time to plan the t shirts I will be making!  And of course, since it will be for only 5 or 6 days, it will be even more challenging to find the perfect restaurants for each night.  We will only be getting the 4 day park hopper passes available on the military salute, so adding more days is completely out of the question.

...of course, if we end up going before September, we could save about 30 bucks a night....that is how much extra the dining plan will be for a 'Disney Adult' as opposed to a 'Disney Child'.  Each member of the family gets to choose one restaurant, and then we will vote on the remaining one or two.


Of course, we are still planning a family vacation to Branson in May/June....I so hope my money goes a bit farther than I think it will!  LOLOL