Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yes, I know.  We still have a little over 16 months until we leave.  But the planning needs to be done!  Today I have emptied out my Disney planning book from our last trip and started the next one for our Feb 2011 trip!  Woo Hoo.  I am so excited!  I have gotten all the pages from out last trip organized so I can go through those to see if there is anything we need to 'tweak' for the next trip.

I've started the info for our next trip and can hardly wait to get some actual information in actual confirmation numbers for the reservation, or ADR confirmation numbers....well you know...the STUFF!!!

I checked online, and our photopass should be here by next Monday!  I am so excited.  I can hardly wait to see the pictures.  I have almost forgotten what we had taken!  It will be almost like reliving our vacation.

I've also almost finished the piecing of the kids autograph quilts.  Miss B, Mr D and Mr. Logie are all having Snugie quilts for watching tv and such.  The Princess is getting one for her bed.  I think... It really depends on how much time I have to devote to this project.  Since Mr Logie is leaving with his Mom to move to South Ga for a nice long stay, I'd like to have his finished before he leaves.  I plan on having the whole project finished by Christmas. fast can I get the quilts finished...hmmmmm


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! is over.  I made it through my birthday.  We had a pretty normal laid back kind of day.  Miss B and Mr  D woke up a little sickie...but it went away as the day wore on.

Out of the blue, Wonderful Hubby told me to go online and order my Serger that I wanted.  It is ordered and should be here by Monday, of course I am hoping for Friday, but we will see.  Funny...he told me I could get the embroidery machine, but the PX did not carry it.  So, I had no trouble finding a Serger to take its place.  I really want an embroidery machine, but I need a Serger.  I can't believe how good I was on that one!

Then we had to take a trip to Athens for a Doctor appointment.  While there we usually take a quick side trip to the PX (very tiny!)  They were clearing out the table coverings they use for displays.  (this PX will be closing all too soon.) I picked up a total of 12.  Most of them are Christmas Red table cloths.  I am planning on using the fabric for napkins and such.  It will give me something to play with when my Serger comes.  But I also picked up some cute Pink cloths.  I'm using these to make the playhouse for The Princess and Mr D.

I now have enough projects to keep me busy for several weeks...but I am always on the look out for more!  

Now if I can just find that switch that cleans my house for must be broken!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Drive By Post

I think I will call this a quick drive by post!  LOL

I made some Turkey wall hangings...and let them get away without taking a  picture!  I know, I know...I promised to add more pictures to my blog...

I am now resigned to the fact that I was not meant to have a laptop!  This is the second laptop that the power cord has gotten destroyed!  (well, maybe destroyed is a bit harsh, but it ain't workin' anymore!)  So, I can either be on the computer or watch TV...but not both! 

I still have not mailed the dresses for the Big Give!  I have no trouble with deadlines, just can't seem to get things in the mail!

And my last thought for the day is...we were planning on going to Helen tomorrow to look at the leaves (I know, not as exciting or as beautiful as Amanda's New England Vacation...but pretty good for a day trip), but now it looks like Brianna isn't feeling well.  Hopefully, nothing serious and nothing contagious...

It is always something!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Change...good...or Bad?


Sometimes it is good.  Like getting a new grand child.  Sometimes it is bad. Like loosing someone you love.

Now comes a change that is somewhere in the middle.  Facebook.

I do not like the new Facebook.  (that could quite possibly be the world's biggest understatement.)  It is CROWDED!  I really don't care who is friends with whom.  Or who became the latest fan of some commercial site.  Or who made a comment to someone's status.

Those little red numbers on the bottom right was enough to drive me crazy!  They did a nice job of telling me who responded to my comment.  (as well as a ton of useless information!) If I really wanted to know how many responded to Sally's comment that she was eating breakfast, I could 1)like the comment and the little red numbers would keep be abreast of who responded...(ad nauseum) or 2) look!  I don't need a picture of who responded and an announcement telling the world that Susie thinks Sally's breakfast is yummy.

Now, the new and improved Facebook is full of useless bits of information that clog up the screen.  Do I really need it to keep up with family and friends?  I think not.

After all, if I want to let someone know what I am doing, I can write it here.  Or, I could send an email.  Or, I could pick up the phone.  See there are lots of ways I can communicate without Facebook.

True, I will miss out on all those nifty games, puzzles, quizzes, ads...(hmm, maybe this is not such a bad thing to miss out on!)  I will regain several hours of my day.  I will miss out on the stress of not being able to get everything to fit in the alloted number of spaces.

Of course, Facebook really doesn't care that they will loose one subscriber.  After all they have millions and millions waiting to take my airspace.  

Maybe I'll send an announcement that I am leaving Facebook forever and see what happens.  Do you think Facebook will call me, and say they are sorry they made a mess of my news feed? Do you think they will apologize and beg me to come back with promises to never again mess with my Facebook?  Probably not.

Hi, my name is Jean and I am adicted to Facebook.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Migraines should be outlawed!

I spent the majority of yesterday in la-la land.  

And not by choice!

I had one of my monster headaches yesterday.  We were half way to therapy when it hit.  I've been having migraines so frequently that I didn't think too much of it.  Just decided to keep on driving.  By the time we got there, I could barely see.  Unfortunately, this was only a 30 minute appointment so I wasn't much better by the time we left.

The good news is, the kids got McDonald's for lunch.  The bad news is, we went home and took a nap...a nice loooong nap!

Later in the afternoon, it was better, but I still have a big 'hole' in my field of vision.  Really makes for some interesting typing!  

The last time I had one that bad was probably when Amanda was still little!  I hope this isn't an omen of what is to come!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is it less than a week until my birthday?  Yup, that is what the calendar said!  Let's see, that will put me at about 23 I think...I used to be 18 for years and years, then I was informed that since 3 of my kids are older than 18 I needed to age.  Well since 2 of my kids are under 18, I figure 23 is a good number!  That is my story and I am sticking with it!

I FINALLY got the baby quilt for Alicia's new baby girl finished.  It turned out pretty cute, but really did give me fits!  First I ran out of thread with less than 2 passes to go.  Then I ordered a new spool of thread.  Now, usually the thread is here within 48 hours.  Not this time.  My paypal account was debited, but no thread.  I figured it was because of the holiday, and didn't think too much about it.  Then more time passed, and still no thread.  I sent an email, and found out that there was a computer glitch, and my order wasn't processed.  Once they were made aware, my thread was here the next day!  Fantastic Customer Service!  Love them!

Then, I discovered my last pass had some terrible tension issues.  It took me several hours to remove the stitches and then only 15 minutes to put it back in.  The binding is on, and it turned out pretty cute.

Now I am working on a Turkey wall hanging.  I think they are so far pretty cute.  We will see how they turn out, hopefully I will get them finished before I guess I better get back to work!


Monday, October 19, 2009

My first Vidas

I finished my first VIDSA!!!  I am so excited!  They didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, but I am a bit pleased with the pattern overall.

I think my fabric choices weren't exactly what I wanted, but the over all look is cute.The hardest part of the whole process was picking the fabric; with the elastic insertion ranking a very distant second.  The pieces of elastic were very small, and holding them in place while attempting to sew them was a bit tricky.  There were two short pieces of elastic on both dresses, so that translated to 8 ends that needed to be sewn into the seams of the dress.  I used a safety pin to hold the elastic where I needed it and then sewed it.  Sounded like it should have worked pretty well....but I ended up sewing the safety pin in the seam 6 times!  (and once I missed the elastic completely!!  That was really fun trying to fish that elastic back to the edge!)

I can hardly wait to make another one...which may be sooner than I thought, since I may redo this Christmas dress.  Without further ado, I'll post a picture of the completed dresses (minus buttons and button holes of course!)

This should be a picture of both the front and back...

Now, time to work on the autograph quilts for the kids and to get my Big Sister/Little Sister dresses in the mail....oh yeah, got to get the Baby Quilt washed and ready to mail...and get the Tink tutu redone.....and...


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things are Getting Busy Around Here

I FINALLY got the dresses done for the Dis Big Give.  They turned out really cute.  I’m hoping the girls they are meant for enjoy them!  I’m actually going to try and post a picture of the dresses.

This has been an exciting week.  I FINALLY got my Vida pattern in the mail and have cut out two of the patterns.  One for Miss B and one for The Princess.  I have decided I am going to use this pattern for their Christmas dresses.  I’m going to make a vest and tie for the boys using some of the fabric I chose for the dresses.  (Now I just have to purchase the fabrics and get started on them!)

I made a Tink Tutu for The Princess and at least have started the one for Miss B.  I do not have any good pictures of the Tutu so I’ll forgo the picture until I get Miss B’s finished.

I hoping the mail brings me some thread tomorrow so I can finish the quilt for my niece and her new baby.  At the rate I’m going the baby will be graduating from college before I get it finished!


Saturday, October 10, 2009 we come...again!

OK...I know we just got back, but we have started planning our next Disney trip. Hubby decided the heat was way too oppressive in September, so we have the option of going in October or February. October may be ok in terms of heat, but it is not value season. February is a little cool in my opinion, but Miss B will be out of school for intersession, so I think we will be spending Valentine's Day at Disney in the year 2011!

The ADR window is going back to 180 days the end of this month, so I will be able to make our ADRs in 10 months. I have already started planning our customs, and am looking forward to learning how to appliqué on the new Vida pattern I have purchased. I'm not sure Miss B is completely convinced to wear dresses yet, but I think I can convince her to wear them with either leggings or jeans. Who knows, maybe I will even make some jeans with the appliqué on them!

Now, for some notes I want to do differently, or to do this trip.

On the shirts I make...get a size bigger than we really need! I like my shirts a little bigger, I can't stand having anything tight around my neck. Since I will be starting on them much earlier than this past trip, I can take a bit more time to make sure I get them on sale and right size.

We have decided to stay at CSR again. While we loved staying at Caribbean Beach, the queen size beds are making us decide on that resort. The additional sink isn't a big enough draw for us...only one person at a time will fit at the sink anyway!

We know we want to eat at Chef Mickeys, Boma, and maybe Crystal Palace. We really enjoyed these restaurants, and would like to try them again. Of course some of the others are still up in the Coral Reef, Akershus, and Biergarten.

And speaking of food, Hubby specifically asked for some character meals! He really seems to be in the planning mood for this trip. Usually he doesn't get into it until at the most the day before we leave. He actually is having some ideas on the next trip! I'm liking that.

The month we have chosen is the same month that Shawn and Tasha are thinking of making a return trip. I know they are thinking of just an adults only trip. Since we will have to pay for The Princess this trip, I'm thinking they can overlap their trip by a day or two with ours, and then can spend some time there with Alyssa and the rest alone. we come....AGAIN!!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Big Give

OK, I'm working on my first Big Give. There are two little girls with a special needs brother. The older little girl is 9 and has the same name as Miss B, and then a baby sister. Now, how could I possibly pass up the chance to make something for the older sister?

My Miss B and I talked about it and we decided to make the two girls a Winnie the Pooh dress to wear when they go to Crystal Palace. I have managed to get the dress skirts cut out and put together last weekend. Now I just have to cut out and make the bodices and attach the skirts...and then decide if I want to add a ruffle to the bottom.

I've also got a quilt for my niece and her new baby girls on my frame waiting to be quilted. It should only take me a few hours to get completed, if I can ever get back to it!

I have also ordered my Vida pattern. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it. I guess I have gotten spoiled by having them come as e-books. Waiting for actual mail to get here is hard!

And my last bit of news. I was planning on getting my embroidery machine soon. It was on HSN with a 4 pay available. It is no longer available...sold out. So now I guess my dream of an embroidery machine is going to be a bit longer to come true!

That is the update for me for the past few days. I've got lots and lots to do.... so howcome I am not busy?


Monday, October 5, 2009

First day of Public School

Why is it that I feel like I have two 2-year olds today?

Brianna left for school this morning at 'zero dark thirty'; that would be 7:20 to the rest of the world. While we were waiting, no one else came to the bus stop. Of course, Miss B said it was because everyone else was still in bed...asleep!

So, now I am just dealing with The Princess and Mr D. The Princess went to sleep 20 minutes after she got here this morning, so Mr D and I started a bit of school. Somehow, we all three managed to get a small nap in before she woke up. Now we are having Chicken Noodle soup.

The reason Chicken Noodle Soup is remarkable enough to be in my blog, it is the only thing they would both agree on! And then they fought over who got the biggest bowl, who had the most noodles and who had the most crackers! Sheesh! You'd think the world was being run by 2-year olds...oh wait, mine is!