Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tasha's fault!

Yes, this is all Tasha's fault!

She has decided to start making those lovely pillowcase dresses. I helped her with the first one. We won't talk about the mistakes I made, we'll just leave it at that!

It made me want to start sewing again. Then I look online at one of my favorite Disney chat groups, and see all those fantastic and creative designers over there. I keep looking at dresses and tops and shorts and think how great this one would be for Alyssa and how great that one would be for Brianna...

We .... I.. had planned on matching Tshirts for our Disney trip. Looking at all these fantastic dresses, I'm thinking I might have to make a couple.

I know. Quilting is my main focus on the needle arts side of life, but somehow I decided I miss just sewing for the fun of it. Making clothes just because I can was a lot of fun and was somewhat addicting. When Amanda was in kinder (she went in the afternoons) we would get up and make her a new short outfit to wear to school at least twice a week... she would pick out the fabric and I would put together a simple, quick outfit in time for her to put on and go to school after lunch.

I think the last real outfit I made was her Easter dress back when she wore a size maybe 1st or second grade. While it was cute, sort of an Alice in Wonderland type of dress, she outgrew it way too fast. Both the size and the style.

I was planning on making a Joann's run next week. I may have to get some cute fabric to make a couple of those 'boutique' outfits for my two little least before they decide they are too big for them!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where have I been?

OK...I've been missing in action for almost a month! Between the Disney planning, kids, doctor appointments, and facebook....I'm hardly ever here anymore!

Last night we had the rare occasion to get to have Alyssa spend the night! I don't know who was more, Rex, Alyssa or the kids! Of course there was a fight to see where Alyssa would sleep...Grandma won!

She let me know I wasn't doing the 'bath' exactly right...she told me..'put on hand I wash hands!' While her grammar wasn't exactly correct, I knew what she was meaning! She was so cute! Evidently I didn't start with the right hand/arm with the lotion, and she let me know I was wrong!

When it came bedtime, we were sitting on the sofa watching tv...she grabbed my face and said 'sing now'. Evidently singing 'Jesus loves me' is a night time routine that I did not know about, but she quickly filled me in! She held me around the neck very tight and sang in my ear...very softly. One in bed, she knew which pillow was Grandpa's and made sure she stayed off it! She was so cute!

This morning I woke up to feeling a little someone playing with my hair and singing very softly in my ear. I'm not sure exactly what she was singing, but it sounded like angels!