Monday, November 29, 2010


We arrived on Saturday, around 11am.  We took a quick stop at the room to unpack, eat lunch, and change.  Then we headed out to Magic Kingdom.  WOW!  The crowds were so bad!  I knew to expect the crowds to be bad, but somehow I didn't really think too much about it.

Even though there were really thick crowds, we still managed to ride quite a few rides and watched both the 3 pm parade and the new MSEP, the nighttime electrical parade.  The main thing I want to say about Magic Kingdom...the castle with the Christmas lights was spectacular!  I have seen many, many pictures and videos of it, but they were nothing compared to the real thing!  They were so spectacular, I could not bring myself to even take a picture of it, there was no way to even begin to give it the justice it deserved.

Yesterday we spent the day at Epcot and had dinner at Biergarten.  We had a blast!  Unfortunately, the Princess did not grow the quarter of an inch that she needed to so she wasn't able to ride all the rides she wanted to.  That is ok...she and Memaw played a lot of "house" while the adults and big kids rode!

Today was Animal Kingdom and dinner at Chef Mickey's.



Friday, November 26, 2010


As I sit here with only 15 hours until we go to Disney, rushing around to get all the last minute details of the outfits done, I realize I have met at least one of my goals I set for myself for this year.  I have gotten an embroidery machine and learned how to use it.

I started thinking about next year and realized, my big sewing goals for next year will include becoming friends with my serger.   I already use it to finish off all my seams. but have no idea how to do a rolled hem.  As I was finishing up the last of the hemming on the dresses I realized the rolled hem would have finished for me and I would have been through...

So, next year I will learn how to use the rolled hem on my serger.

Small statement, but HUGE accomplishment...let's see how that goes!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


OK, I admit it.  I am a fan!  I have watched from the very beginning.

This season, it started the night of my neck surgery.  It was on in the hospital room (I think) but I don't really remember it.  Last night was the finale.

The fact that Jennifer Gray won seemed almost like a message to me.  She had almost the same surgery on her neck a year ago...and we are 'close' in age.  (OK...I'm older, but not by too much!  LOL!).  A couple of weeks into the competition I was amazed at what she was able to do...since I was still unable to move my neck at all, and had no stamina to speak of.  It was a little reminder that my life as I knew it was NOT over, just put on hold for a few weeks.

Seeing how the dancers improved and grew over the past 10 weeks, and knowing how much I had improved over the past 10 weeks, it just seemed right to me that Jennifer Gray won.


Now if someone would just have a show about how not to get sick three days before Disney, I would greatly appreciate it!


Monday, November 22, 2010


I can never think of Roses without thinking of my mom.  She loved roses.  I don't think she ever had any rose plants after we moved from Forest Park, but she always loved them.

Every year, on the anniversary of the accident, we would give people that meant something special to us that year a rose.  Last year, on the fifth anniversary, we decided to plant 5 rose plants in her memory instead.

I was struggling with the last tshirt for the Disney trip in a few days.  I knew it should be something to do with Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but I was having trouble finding just the right design.  See, I had already messed up one shirt and needed to redo it.

I finally decided on the Rose under Glass from Frou Frou by Heather Sue.  I love her designs, and this seemed like it would fit the bill.

As I started stitching it out, I couldn't help but think of my Mom.  By the time I was finished with the shirt, I was in tears.  But not sad tears, tears of joy.  I thought about how happy Mom would be to see the way my kids are turning out.  And I remembered how she wanted to go to Disney with us, but was afraid she would slow us down so, no matter how hard we tried, she would not go with us.  The last time we went before she died, she promised she would go with us one time.

With this rose shirt, I feel like she is finally going with us!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Silly, Silly Me

I have been going over my lists for Disney.  Trying to make sure I have printed everything off the computer that I will need.  When SUDDENLY it hit me!  I am taking the computer with me and will have internet while I am there...there really is NO need t print anything!

So, I guess that means I can go back to making sure all the clothes are done, all the packing is done, all the shopping is done, and all the other 'stuff' is done!

Miss B got her hair cut last night.  It looks cute...she is worried that this morning the kids will call her a pouf ball. Of course once she said that her brother started calling her that...I told her not to worry.  That is what brothers are supposed to do.  They call you names so that you get used to it.  Then when someone else does it, you aren't bothered and they stop!

She bought it...crisis averted.

This morning she remembered that BBB was something she REALLY wants to do.  She almost started crying and said they wouldn't be able to fix her hair up like she wanted them to...I assured her that they would be able to just fine.  Another crisis averted.

Then, she realized we would be leaving in just seven and a half days.  Nothing of hers is packed, and she isn't going to be ready to go.  I reminded her that I always did all the packing and had everything under control.  Another crisis averted.

I'm getting the feeling that I have a new job description...Crisis Averter.  I kind of like that one!  Makes us relate on a whole new level!

Here we come Disney...ready or not!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nine more days and...what was that? Oh No!

Ah...Ah...Ah...CHOOOOO!  Yup.  That's right...a sneeze.  Not just any sneeze, but a SNEEZE...probably from allergies.

Around here, we usually spend October locked in an allergic grip.  However, this year has been different.  We have had unusually warm weather since September. My yard is normally brown and crunchy (Bermuda grass) by October.  It has just turned brown and started to get crunchy a day or so ago.

Mr D usually starts the allergic symphony, followed by me and Miss B shortly after.  Mr D has been sneezing for the past week.  I guess I have started now.  Miss B will be joining us within aa few days.

Our very first trip to Disney was in the spring when the 3 of us were in our Spring symphony of allergic sneezes. At that time I was glad it wasn't the fall bout. Fall is much worse for us.  I thought I had planned this trip so that the allergies would be over with by the time we leave ...I mean it gave us 6 whole weeks to get rid of it!

I will now stock up on Calritin for the least they won't have to deal with it too much.  I just have to find something I can take.  Claritin is very sedating for me.  So far I haven't found anything that works without putting me nighty night.

(did I mention that sneezing makes my throat hurt....) I really wanted to make this trip without even thinking about my neck.  Guess THAT isn't happening!

OK...enough whinning.  Back to the Disney planning and sewing!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ten more days and one hour

Yup, that is how long until Disney.  So why am I up at this hour you might ask?  Well, I forgot to pick up my Lunesta today.  I was doing fine until hubby decided to start snoring.

Well, I guess I'll get up and work on the 12 remaining shirts.  Nope, ran out of bobbin thread.  Unfortunately, the Wally World here doesn't carry embroidery thread anymore, so I have to wait for Joann's to open at 9.

Of course, by then I will be sleepy and not fit to sew, but maybe I can get one or two knocked out before the day is out.

So, I have been going over my lists of things to do and things to pack and things to remember.... and now it is 30 minutes later than when I got our of bed.

I really hate insomnia.  I was really hoping that after the neck surgery it would go away...but nope.  Still here.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Eleven days and 18 hours! is really getting close now!  We get to do online check in on Wednesday.  Friday is the kids' last day of school until the second week of DECEMBER! (And on a  sad note...three weeks from now we will be driving back home...BOOO!)

Am I ready?  Nope.  Will I be ready? Maybe.  Am I worried? Not yet.  And...oddly, I haven't started packing yet.  I normally have almost everything packed by now, but since the clothes we are wearing are still in various stages of construction, they are all hanging in the basement.  Once I get them finished, they will hang there until we are ready to pack the van and truck.  So I really don't have as much stuff to pack as I normally do...even though we are going for a longer period of time.

We are about to head down to the studio to try and get a few more shirts done this morning, so I can get back on schedule.  Somehow this weekend didn't work out exactly like I had planned.  But I did have lots of fun spending time with my it is all good.

My most important and exciting part about the trip planning is I FINALLY figured out how to get the Broadband2Go working on the laptop.  So now I can surf the web while driving...if I want to.  But more importantly, I can have access to the web at Disney without paying the $10.00 a day!  True, purchasing the usb/modem and the first month's charge is more than the amount for internet while we are there...but I can use this when we travel anywhere, and not worry about if the hotel has internet...or if they charge extra for it.

And also a great note on the planning front...Our PettiSkirts came in!  Yes, I did end up having to pay for them twice, and the original person who they were ordered from is being a not very nice person and will not refund my money or send me my merchandise...but the person who stepped in to help me get them on time for the trip came through with flying colors!  If you EVER need to get some not hesitate with getting them any where else.  Go directly to Princess Heirlooms.  She will not disappoint you!  First quality, Fantastic Service and she is a good person too!  Can't beat that combination!

Now...let's see if I have a picture of the two girls in their pettis for you..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Allergies are in Full Bloom!

Usually our Fall allergies are in October.  Can almost be guaranteed they are over completely by the day or so after Halloween.

This year was a bit strange.  At Halloween we were still having high 80's during the day and high 60's at night.  We have only had the cooler temps for the past few days.  I think our first light frost was just a day or so ago.  And it was REALLY light.

This morning Mr D got up with a very stuffy nose...and promptly started sneezing.  Miss B, Mr D and I all have Fall allergies.  Mr D usually starts first and within 2 weeks, I follow with Miss B a few days after me.  If this trend holds for this year as well...we will all be in full blown allergy attacks for Disney which is in just 14 days!  I have added allergy meds to my medicinal arsenal for the trip...Yuck!

Come on ...join the fun!


Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have a gazillion things to do to get ready for Disney.  I was going along so smoothly this morning.  I was on the home stretch for the 4th shirt.  Only a few more bits and pieces and the shirt would be finished and I could not only 'tick' off another full day of outfits finished, but I could reward myself with starting to cut out the last dresses.

Miss B said something to me and I looked up for a half second. machine got angry because I didn't feed it breakfast and took a hunk out of the shirt the size of Vermont!  Tried unsuccessfully to fix it, but there is no repair for  this type of missing chunk.

I decided it was probably best if I left the machine and all thoughts of sewing alone for a while and come back up stairs... so after Therapy appointments today, we get to go purchase a new t shirt.   GROWL!

Anyway, I am now under 30 shirts and still have 16 days left....this looks like I might be finished after all!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I hate the news media!

There, I've said it and now maybe I can get on with my life!

You always see them hounding the family of victims after a car crash.  Or the victims of a violent crime.  Or the family of someone who was murdered.  They ask stupid questions, like "How do you feel about what has happened?"  I mean seriously, how do you THINK they feel?  How is invading their privacy, during one of the most trying times they will ever face, NEWS?

Why do they think I want to know such intimate details about their suffering.  Why do I need to see the pictures that are on their Facebook page?  To the new media, everyone is fair game.  Victims, their families, the accused and their families.  Even the friends of the victims and accused are at the mercy of the public's "Right to Know".

Can we for one minute remember that the accused also has innocent family members.  Can we remember that after the media no longer think it is newsworth, the victims still have to go about their daily life.

I do not want my privacy invaded.  I do not want my family and friends privacy invaded.  If I am ever the victim or the accused, who will stand for my rights?

....and don't even get me started with them not checking the facts.....


Monday, November 8, 2010

Did someone say Disney?

Eighteen days and seven hours!  The countdown is on!  Only eight more days until I get to do the online check in!

Now, the big question...will I get everything finished in time?  Well, I managed to get 3 shirts finished tonight, and as long as I keep up with 3 a day I should be fine!

I have a nice, well thought out list that will help keep me on track with everything else, so I guess I can say, so far ... so good!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

My own special fireplace!

My family likes to tease me whenever they get a chance.  I usually manage to make that happen quite a lot!

Our gas fireplace has not worked since the builder pulled out of the subdivision shortly after we bought the house seven years ago.  It is undersized and doesn't fit right, so until I get the money and inclination to have it replaced, we really only have a mantle with a bit of fake wood in it!

Occasionally I like to put candles inside to pretend we have a fireplace.  Yesterday I took the Princess home.  My son was sitting in his recliner enjoying a rolling fire in his fireplace.  It had been spotting some small snow flakes through out the day, and was very chilly.

I came home and decided to light some candles and put a tiny, tiny one in the fireplace.  (not much bigger than a votive actually!)  I sat down in my recliner with a nice warm blanket and did not give it another thought...then hubby came home from work.  See, the recliner is the only chair in the house that can't see the tv.

He saw that I was sitting front of the 'fire' and told me I would probably freeze to death waiting for it to get warm!

Maybe, but it sure was pretty!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Three More Weeks!

So much to do and so little time!  Three weeks from now, we will be loading up the cars for our trip to Disney.Will I get it all done?   Stay Tuned!


Thursday, November 4, 2010


Some family you are born with, and some family you choose.  But, they are both family.  One set isn’t more family just because you weren’t born to them; and the other set isn’t more compatible just because you didn’t get to choose them.
When one member of your family rejoices, you rejoice.  When one member of your family is in pain, you are in pain.
When something good happens to a member of your family, you think how lucky your family is. (and by extension how lucky you are).  When something bad happens to a member of your family, you hurt as much as if it had happened to you.
As I write this, I am rejoicing beyond belief that my youngest daughter has decided to put our Lord on in baptism and start her new life as a “baby Christian” (as her younger brother called it).  The highest high a mom can feel.
I am also saddened beyond belief by the news that another member of my family, a wife, a woman more courageous and classy than I could ever hope to become, is having to deal with the great sadness and betrayal that no wife should ever have to face.
It is unbelievable that you can feel such extreme highs and lows in one short 3 hour period.