Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New IDea for Disney Autograph quilt

So...yesterday I was in the studio thinking of a way to kick start my sewing (being a little uninspired lately).  I'm working on my Princess dresses to wear to Akershus in December (still) when I thought...this would look cute on a quilt.(I think it was Mulan that I was working on at the time).

So, and I am working the idea starts to materialize in my mind.  Use larger squares than I did before, to give me room for both the applique and the autograph.  Use colors other than a white on white print, to not only blend in the kids' rooms, but to also not look so planin and blah!

The more I worked, the more the idea started to gel.  I have most of the designs I need in order to make this work.  If I plan this right, I won't have to have other fabrics to finish off Miss B's full size quilt, maybe just a border to hold everything together visually.  Mr D's might be a bit more difficult...most of the autographs are for Princesses...I don't think I will be able to convince him to get them for his bedroom!

I need to decide how to deal with duplicates...Like Mickey at Chef Mickey's and at Garden Grill and anywhere else we might see him; as well as how to deal with designs I don't have but see the we just use a regular autograph book, or take some extra squares and try to embrorider on them later...; and what about those duplicates?

There is still a few logistic I have to work out before I can make the first if I use darker fabrics, will the autograph show up?  There will be lots and lots of practice on this one before it comes together.

I guess you can say this is still in the brain storming phase of the planning.  I'm trying to come up with a list of those characters I will see ; a list of designs I already have; a list of who sells the designs that I don't have....and how much time this is really going to take!

Keep posted for the rest of the story....(I've always wanted to say that!)


Monday, June 28, 2010

Well...after throwing a temper tantrum with the doctor's office I got a bit of progress!  Only a bit though.

They have been refusing to give me the phone number of the clinic they are referring me to so I can contact them myself.  I finally got that information and gave them a call.  According to them, they did not have a referral from my doctor.  The clinic did get a fax from my doctor about an hour later, and called me back.

Now it seems that I have been 'accepted' as a possible patient of the clinic.  I have to go in for an initial consult to see if they think they can help me.  The catch MRI was done of the lower back, and it is the neck that is giving me fits.  They cannot tell me if the MRI will be an issue or even if I have to get another one done...can't even tell me if they can order the MRI or if my doctor will have to order it...

So...I get to wait...until their first available new patient you ready...August 13!!!

I am so tempted to just go to the emergency room the next episode I have.  See when I have one of these I get severe chest pains as well...sort of like a heart attack...but not.  I'm sure I could get some results then...but really...that will be such a pain to go that route! LOL Pun intended!


I declare this a No Whining zone for the rest of the day!
So, does anyone have a trick to get a doctor to return your call....

I have been having some sever neck pain and associated numbness in my hands since December.  Then, since March, I have also had some annoying lower back pain with numbness in my feet.

Doctor ordered a 'quick' MRI...a couple of months RESPONSE!  I've called my doctor repeatedly.  His office staff is giving me different excuses as to why no one has called me back.  The office manager has promised me a call back that very same day ...and it has now been 3 weeks since THAT call in.

I love my doctor.  I have been going to him for over 14 years.  He is one of the best rhuemetologists in the Atlanta area.  However, his office staff is horrible!  They never file the insurance right, they never give him messages, they never return your calls, and really do not care if the appointment they give you fits in your schedule and it takes almost an act of congress to get it changed!

Now, in 3 weeks, I have my next appointment with him...I see him every 5 to 6 months...and NOTHING has been done about the neck pain.  I am so ready to call; have him send my records somewhere else and try a different doctor...

He doesn't give out his email address....or I would send him an email to let him know how upset I am...seeing as how I can't get a message to him.

Once before I sent him a fax...explaining the difficulties I have with his office...and my response was a call from his wife.  She took over the job as office manager and straightened out his office.  All was fine for a few we are back to the old thing...and don't get me started on how long you have to wait in the office when you have an appointment.  A morning appointment means you will be home sometime before dinner...and afternoon appointment will mean sometime before bed!

OK...enough whining...the office opens in a few minutes and I will be calling AGAIN!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dare I post this?

We have a little over 5 months until we leave for Disney.  Most of the planning is either done, or is on track for being completed before we go.  Clothing is well underway and should be finished on time (in spite of my recurring nightmares of having a long extension cord running behind the car as we drive along I 75...trying to finish up the last t shirts!)

So, here is my problem.  I now weigh more than I did last January before I started my big weight loss for our last trip to Disney.  I'm actually 10 pounds heavier...which puts me at almost 40 pounds heavier than I was this time last year!  (oddly enough I can still fit in most of my clothes from our last trip....)

So, with only 5 months to get back in shape...and it being summer I'm really worried about my ability to loose this in a healthy manner.  Of course...this nagging back and neck pain isn't going to help much...but I see my treadmill and I becoming very good friends.  (I've always found exercising in the air conditioning with TV much better than walking around in the heat!

Of course...I DO have to get through this trip to 6 Flags on Friday....


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I can not believe how out of practice I am at writing letters!  I used to write at least 30 letters a day, to clients, underwriters, prospective clients, company people...not to mention the dozens of emails each and every hour.  They had to be professional in look and scope....

I have just spent 2 DAYS trying to write a professional looking letter to the attorney's office to forward to the judge.

I have written and rewritten so many times it is pathetic (and I am not talking about my typing skills --  or lack thereof).  I have tried to get my family to give me feedback on it...but they just sound ok... I don't think they understand how obsessive I am about this!  I mean I had a decent letter, but forgot a couple of points.  Went back to change those points, and re-read it out loud and didn't like the way it sounded.  So I modified a bit here and there....was almost happy with it when I realized the subject and predicate were not agreeing....AHK!

So, for the millionth time I have revised the letter.  It appeared to have the grammar correct, most of the spelling correct, and said most of what I wanted it to.  So, I decided to print it and discovered I had closed (without saving) the WRONG edition!

Back to the drawing board.

Why or why am I making this one letter a full time job?


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Potty training and the Big Girl

We have been working on potty training The Princess.  Some days are better than others.  Mostly because she is like her Dad and Grandma...stubborn!

I usually just put big girl panties on her and letting her walk around without shorts on.  She just came to me...with her shorts on over her big girl panties and said "I'm a big girl now...I can wear my shorts"  (or something like that.)  They are on backwards, but they are on.

I reminded her not to go pee in her shorts because we are going to go some where later...she looked at me and said..."I said I'm a big girl now!"

I guess she told me!


Shameless Whining!

I am so tired of my neck hurting!

If the doctor's office doesn't call back TODAY...I am looking for a new doctor tomorrow!  It has been over 6 weeks since the MRI, surely by NOW they could have figured out what to do AND implemented it!  I mean, how hard is it to PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!!

OK...I think I'm done now!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nothing new to report

Absolutely NOTHING new to report...but I felt it was important to at least acknowledge that I do remember that I have a blog! (unlike 'some' people I know..not naming names here...)

Seriously I am having problems getting back into a Disney sewing mood.  The Boma dresses are 90% finished, and the Akershus dresses are taking forever! So, I've turned again to planning...and I am at a loss as to what I can plan!  Right now everything is planned...I have even redone everyone's packing list.  A little over 5 months, and I'm pretty sure it is too early to start packing!!!

I've been working on everyone's July 4th shirts, have mine and Mr D's finished and need to buy Miss B a new one...I totally messed her's up, and then she was trying to take out the stitching and put a big hole in it!

On Saturday we will celebrate Miss B's big One Oh!  Hard to believe she is already 10!  She is growing up a little too fast to suit my tastes!

And, then, the Friday after we are taking a short excursion to Six Flags.  I've have been trying to come up with a custom for that trip...but, considering I don't have any money, that one is escaping me!

Well, almost time to head to appointments in Athens...


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nibbles anyone?

Self Promoting.

Something I'm not very good at.

How do I get better?

As you may know, I launched my Etsy shop back in April.  Granted it was a slow launch with only a few items.  I knew it would take a while for it to start selling.  When, in my first few weeks, I had my first conversation with a potential customer about Rheana's Raps, I felt like the beginning was very  near...I now know that first convo was from a semi-competitor looking to see what is available in that line.

Now we are looking at mid June and no new nibbles.

When I posted some pictures of the dresses I had made the girls for our upcoming trip to Disney, I had tons of emails and comments about how thy would love to buy that dress.  Now that I have decided I could make a few to sell (in limited numbers) no one is interested.

So, cruising Etsy this weekend, I see someone who is making the same dress (more or less) as the Princess dresses I am making for the girls - and SELLING a ton of them - I think maybe I should look back at making some of these for sale.

Starting small, I decide to make a Minnie Mouse inspired sundress.  It turned out cute.  But not what I saw in my mind.  Now, do I redo it to make what I saw in my mind....or slap a low price on it and sell it the way it is?

My goal was to only make top quality to with that in mind, I shouldn't sell it.  But in truth, it is cute. I can see a little girl loving it!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.


Hopefully I will make a decision and have something to take pictures of later!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Disney School

I have to say, this is the most fun we have had in Home Schooling in a long time!  First we started with Mexico, Norway, China and Germany, now Italy today.  It has been interesting and fun to see how Disney ties in the movies to the countries, and how the pavilions for each country ties in with the host country.

My hope is that when we get to Epcot, the kids will be able to remember at least one fun fact about each country.  If we can do that then the whole summer Home Schooling will be a success!   I LOVE the Vacation Education series!  You can make it as advanced or as simple as you need it to be based on the kid learning.  We need to keep Miss B entertained, as we keep Mr D learning.

Since Miss B will be missing a week of 'regular' school when we go to Disney in a little less than 6 months, I'm hoping this will help her in writing some reports for her public school...hoping this will make them not scream so much when we go to Disney!

Also in today's news.  We have someone coming over this afternoon to give us a quote on a pool.  I am thinking some hydro therapy might help with some of Mr D's lingering issues.  We are still working on some stamina issues as well as balance and strength.  I'm doing a bit of research, and hope to get his therapists to help me out some as well.  I've been pointed in the right direction by a wonderful Disney friend, so I'm off to get educated in  TBI and Water Therapy....wish me luck!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why, oh why do I always choose such a detailed design for a dress?  Don't get me wrong, this is the exact perfect dress.  It is exactly what I saw in my mind...but it is so detail heavy!  Each dress will have 8 appliques on the bodice.  Each applique is taking at least an hour.  I am making 2 of these dresses!

This is another one of those dresses that I could not afford to buy! I am really loving the dress!

Then, last night I found out the Church is having a baby shower in three weeks...Now the baby isn't due for another 2 months...and we ALWAYS have the baby shower a month before the baby is I have just about 3 weeks to get a baby quilt done.  I had wanted to do a really cute little quilt, but I'm not going to have the time to get it pieced and quilted, so I have to fall back on my stand by...a Turning 20...while it is really easy...meaning I can buy the fabrics and have the quilt almost finished by the end of the day...I'm really getting bored with it!

So, later today I will take a quick trip to WalMart and see what they have in some cute baby girl pink!