Sunday, March 28, 2010


Why or why am I procrastinating so much on getting stuff done?  I have several ideas of things I wanted to do for everyone for Easter, but have only started one prototype!  I can't seem to get the energy to even go down and finish up on the dresses I have already started.  I have at least 90% of what I need to start on the next series of dresses and shirts, but just can't seem to get motivated.

...So instead, I blog about it!

Seriously, part of me knows that I still have 8 months to get them all done, so I keep thinking I can wait...but the problem is, I don't want to have to do a marathon session in order to get everything done in time.

I have even set up a schedule of when I should go down and sew in the studio...but somehow I can't seem to stick to it.  I guess I should stop complaining and get to it....we'll see!  LOL


Friday, March 26, 2010

Sugar vs Splenda

Warning, Warning, Warning.  The following diatride can be considered controversial!

I have been giving the sweetener debate a little though this week.  It started because I read an online article about the dangers of the monster known as aspartame.  It made sense (and went along with something my doctor told me a few years ago, but I totally ignored, since I never used artificial sweetener.), but this particular article included Splenda as containing aspartame, which I knew was false.

So, I started my own search from the internet.  I know the information on the internet can be very biased, so I try to get an overall picture and then draw my own conclusions, never taking just one sites word as truth.  The information I found was overwhelming AGAINST Splenda!  Who knew!

I know there are going to be a million people who are going to take the opposite view...and that is ok.  I'm purposely NOT going to include any of the research I did, because I think this is something that you should decide on for yourself. But for me, I am going to try an experiment, and starting on April 1...(I have to be fiscally responsible as well!  LOL) I will take a Splenda break for one month and see how I feel afterwards.

Since sugar only has 15 calories per teaspoon, I really don't see that much of a calorie savings for me.  Of course, I DO have to adjust to only one teaspoon and not a heaping teaspoon!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Woo Hoo Damien!

I am so proud of Mr D.  He just wrote his name without any help and it was perfect!

I have to say.  I was beginning to think I was holding him back with the home schooling.  He just wasn't 'getting' things like I felt he should.  We had  a few weeks of him seeming to catch what reading was all about, and then, nothing.  He knows his letters and the sounds they each make, but putting them together to make actual words seemed almost foreign to him.

On the writing front, we have been working on his name both at home and at therapy for almost 3 years.  He actually caught on to how his name should look and wrote it without any coaching from me!

When we usually do his writing, we go over each letter and how it should look, how the spacing should look, and the punctuation, etc.  Every sentence he wrote would be filled with mis-formed letters, missing letters, and terrible spacing.

While his sentences are still in the infancy stage, his name now looks like a first grader would write it!  Now if we can just get his reading and math up to where it should be.....


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Garage Sale?

I just realized it is getting close to time for a neighborhood garage sale!  I think we usually have it in late May or early June.  Since April is just around the corner, I guess I'd better get ready!

I wonder if I should try to make a few things to sell?  Hmmmmmmmmm..

We only seem to participate about every other year.  Last time I made a couple hundred dollars, but got bored and quit after a couple of hours.   Maybe I should go at this with the idea it will be used for Disney money.  Yea, I think that makes it seem way less like work, and more like fun!

...I wonder what junk I will feel like getting rid of this time?



OK, here is my obligatory post about the strange weather we have had the past few days.  In the past three weeks we have went from a freak snow storm that managed to close schools, to 75 degree weather for a few days and yesterday, back to snow flakes and sleet.  Today?  Highs in the upper 60's with upper 70's for the remainder of the week.

Yup...if you don't like the weather here in Georgia...just wait.  You'll find something to like within a week....and something to complain about almost continually!


Monday, March 22, 2010

I've been CASED!!

I have been sewing most of my life, but not seriously into clothing sewing until lately.  I mean you have to have Disney clothes when you go to Disney...right?

Well, I use inspiration from a lot of nice ladies on the DIsBoards.  I am a huge fan of all the talent.  And THEY let ME hang out with them.   Over there, CASE means Copy And Steal Everything....actually it means, we get to use their stuff for our own personal inspiration.  I wouldn't seell anything that was a result of a CASE, but for my girls...

A few weeks ago, someone asked for permission to CASE a Minnie Mouse inspired dress I made last September.  I was so honored.  I mean I'm no where as good as the rest there, so this was the biggest honor I could imagine.  Well, I saw a picture of her finished dress.  It was so cute!  And twice as good as the one I made.

It is so nice to know that someone thought my idea was good enough to copy.....


Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well, it looks like my daughter is going to drag me kicking and screaming into actually having a business!  LOL

Actually, if you have read some of my early posts, I really want to have a business, but I just worry that my stuff isn't up tot he expectations of the buyers.  My quilting is good enough for the every day utilitarian quilts, but not for the beautiful stuff that people will pay for.  Now that I have the embroidery machine, I feel more confident about my abilities to embroider.  (or maybe it is just so addictive that I THINK I'm doing better than I really am!)

Another problem I have is trying to decide what to charge.  I usually end up giving my stuff away, simply because I'm afraid I will charge too much.  I mean I know what my costs are associated with something (more or less) but what is my time really worth?  I mean sometimes, just getting into the studio for an hour or so is so therapeutic, how could I possibly charge for that!

So, Amanda is doing all kinds of research on things I could make (that won't take as long as a quilt) and that people are buying.She has come up with a list of some 20 or 30 things.  Of these I'm positive that several are good 'fits' for me, but I am still so insecure about it....

Well, on to the updates on what I have been doing.  I'm currently working on some Easter Baskets for the kids.  I've finished Mr D's.  I'm not 100% happy with the way it turned out.  It is extremely cute, just the construction methods I used are not what I wanted.  I know that the next one will be made a little differently.  I just need to decide if I should remake his the way I am going to make the others.... I might if I have the time.

I've also finished a set of PICC covers for a very special little girl.  I really like the way they turned out (for the most part)  It is actually this that made my daughter decide I need to start making things as a business!  There really seems to be a market for these items, but not so much of a supply.  We'll see...

I also made a set of darling burp cloths.  Once I decided how I was going to make them they turned out great... but I was so indecisive on how to make them it took me forever to decide.  I think I made about a zillion prototypes before I finally decided on what I wanted to do.

We are talking about BURP cloths here...not rocket science!  And I ended up with...are you ready...plain rectangles!  How hard was that!  Sheesh...

Seems like the ideas I have in my head don't always come out the way I want them to...

Now, it seems my other daughter, Miss B, wants to learn to design clothes.  I guess I get to find some design classes somehow...not really sure what to look for or even how to find them for a 9 year old.  But I really want to encourage anything creative in her that I can.  I don't think I did a very good job of doing that with the older kids, and I know that only my grandmother encouraged me in anything creative, so I really want to work on that..............

Well, enough rambling for today...


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Big Give Update

I just saw that one of the little girls in my Big Give received her dress.  I'll post a link to her Mommy's Pre trip report so you can see her in her Tink Vida.

Miss B sent her a cute little note, and her Mommy even made a reference to it!  She is happy!

Here is a link that should get you to her in her dress...

Have a great day!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Two Hundred and Fifty Seven more days!

That seems like a lot until you start to break it down.  Just 37 weeks.  A little over 8 months.

At least I've got 90% of the clothes at least planned on paper. The actual sewing and embroidering is coming along ahead of schedule and I'm actually having time to work in a couple of extra things for other people in there.

My sewing/embroidery goal only calls for one day's worth of clothes each month.  Since it takes me less than an hour to do each t shirt, and I can make most of the dresses in less than a day,  I think this goal is very do able!  Of course, too much time on my hands gives me time to second guess myself!  I will be working really, REALLY hard not to do that!

I have to say, I cannot believe how good the embroidered t shirts are turning out!  It is a little nerve racking trying to get them all lined up straight and even, but the results are so, so cute!  Even critical hubby likes them!  (and that is saying a LOT!!!)

We went to the sewing expo on Saturday.  While it was very small, I did see a lot of things I 'had' to have and got tons of ideas!  Not to mention some really delicious thread!  Next year I am going to have to take a list of the thread colors I want to get.  I could not believe how hard it was to pick out 24 different colors of thread!

Then, a quick spin by Joann's netted me some fabrics I needed while it was still on sale.  Unfortunately, I did leave lots and lots of those wonder 40% off coupons on the table.  Everything I needed was already on sale, so I couldn't use any of them!

I managed to get Miss Noni's PICC cover finished and delivered to her.  I made her two and gave her the prototype to use for her dolls!  The both had her name and a butterfly embroidered on them.  I really hope they fit ok and do the trick.  But I did manage to forget to take any pictures of them.  So, if I ever have to make another, I will have to start from scratch...since I forgot to even get the finished measurements!    Oh well!

Today is the beginning of another wonderful week here in the Morris Household!  Hope you have a great week.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun

I FINALLY had a few minutes to get down and sew for the Disney trip.  I finished up our shirts for Chef Mickey's.  I can hardly wait to go.  These shirts are matching the dresses so perfectly!  It makes me want to go ahead and get S& T's shirts so I can make them all at once!

The girl's dresses are pretty close to being finished.  I only need to finish the apron for Miss B,but I have to wait for the Princess to get out of her cast before I can try on her dress.  Seems the dress is running a bit small and I need to see if I need to completely re-do the dress or if a small adjustment is all that is needed.  I was able to make Miss B's work with a very small adjustment in the arm band.

Next on my Disney agenda is to work on our Animal Kingdom shirts.  I think they will look pretty good and I can hardly wait!

I also have a small project in mind for Miss Noni.  I had her mom get the measurements last night and I need to get to it before I forget!  LOL!!  I have a couple of ideas as to how to make it, but not sure how to put it on paper, so no notes on this one!

I need to get back to work, so have a great day!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been a busy few days in the Morris household!  First and most important, Alyssa came through her surgery fine.  She was kinda cute as she was coming out of the anesthesia.  She thought her leg was falling off...because it was numb, and she had never felt that before.  The anesthesia worked just like it was supposed to and she came home about an hour after the surgery.

She had a bit of a rough night, but from reports today, she is doing fine.  I am trying my hardest not to be a meddling grandmother / mother in law...trying not to smother them, but you know I want to!!

Even though I KNEW the surgery would take all day (basically) I wasn't really thinking logically about it.  After we finally got home around 4:30, I was too pooped to get anything done.  I had planned on working on several projects, but I didn't even have the energy to wonderful hubby got some Pizzas.

Today, I wanted to get the quilt for Noni finished.  Alyssa and Dami had helped me pick out some fabrics a few days ago, and I was going to add some from my stash to finish it up.  Somewhere along the line this morning, I changed my plan for the whole quilt.  I decided to make it a turning twenty quilt.  I like the quickness of the quilt and it makes a cute little girl quilt...but I forgot that my stash did not have any fat quarters in it...and I had a lot of problems trying to get some stash fabrics to work.

Then I remembered why I do not get any ginghams from Wally World...the ginghams are almost 100% polyester now.  I'm not sure why I didn't check it out before I purchased, guess maybe because I had the kids with me and I was in a hurry.  When making a quilt, using one or two fabrics that are too much polyester while everything else is 100% cotton, really it just doesn't work. I don't like the way it feels, the way it looks, or even the way it quilted up.  One of them was so bad I couldn't even remove the quilting stitches to fix a small boo boo.  After I gift the quilt tomorrow, I will tell her mom that I will gladly take it back and fix it later.

So, at 9:30 this morning I started cutting the fabric, then sewing it together.  By 6 pm I had a quilt in the wash.  Of course, I took and hour lunch break and also spent an hour working on the sewing machine...I had a major problem that I was sure was going to result in a trip to the repair man...but at the last minute I was able to figure it out and put the poor baby back together with only a minor bit of surgery.

I even used Bubba to make a small quilt label.  I'm rather proud of myself.  Now, to find the energy to get dinner on the table.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet Little Noni

OK...I hate it when bad things happen to kids!  Kids aren't supposed to get sick.  They shouldn't have to stay in the hospital!

I also hate it when I know a little one is going into the hospital and I FORGET they need a quilt to take with them!  I think I will blame it on the sickie germs I've been having lately.  So, Miss B and I are working on a secret project for Miss Noni.  Hopefully she will be home soon, but she has already stayed way too long!

Sorry Miss Noni.  I promise I will get it done ...quickly!


How can you tell when you are feeling better?

That is easy to answer.  When you start thinking of projects to get done, buy all the materials to get them done, decide on a good time to get them done...and then just watch the clock as the time passes you by!

I know it is time to get some stuff done for Disney...I've already got almost every thing I need to get all my March projects done...but somehow, I just can't seem to get the energy up to take the stairs down to the studio to get them done!

I've even added a couple of extra projects to the mix...and still just can't seem to get any energy....


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ugh! FAMILIES! You love 'em, but sometimes.....

I want to outlaw husbands and underage children having access to laptop computers!  They THINK they know what they are doing....but what they have done is locked me out as administrator, changed every possible setting known to man, made a $150 school reading program completely unusable, and managed to make the computer practically unusable!

The resolution is so bad you can only see about a fourth of the screen at one time...but the keyboard no longer works, and neither does the mouse pad!  They have somehow managed to 'lock' all the function keys, so I can't 'fix' anything without being logged in as the administrator...which they have locked me out as!!!

They have added passwords to all users....Dami added his own and looks at me like I am crazy when I ask him what he typed in as his password...he said Sissy told him to type so he did...but doesn't remember what he typed!  He 'thinks' Sissy might know...but she is at school of course!

All of this so they could play an army game on the laptop last night!  Never mind that I thought the level of violence was unacceptable for an 8 year old and a 9 year old....they (husband included) wanted to play and 'finally' were able to make it work....I knew I should have checked it last night to see what they had done to make it work, but I decided to enjoy the company of my DIL and GD2 instead...and maybe even a little of the company of my son...

I guess we won't be doing any reading today!  Hopefully, Miss B will know (and understand why this is so important) the passwords when she gets home so I can unlock the program.  I think I will leave them to their own as to how to 'fix' the computer.  I just want my program unlocked so I can add it to MY laptop!