Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hmm... I wonder

Some thing I have learned about myself...

When I was working outside the home and making an insane amount of money, I was obsessed with driving new cars.  Every year I had to have a new car.  Nothing was wrong with the one I had, but I felt I had to have the newest greatest thing around.

When the accident happened and I lost my job, cars no longer held an importance to me.  I like to think I have grown to the point that my "must haves " are not as expensive as driving a new car all the time.

I do have to say, the car dealers were more than happy to keep allowing me to purchase new what if I hadn't finish paying for the car I was driving?  They would just roll that amount into the new car!  Not exactly the most financially smart way to do it, but hey...I got a new car to drive!

My embroidery machine broke last week.

I really want a new, super big boy Bubba machine.  One of those Brother PR650e.  It is only around $7000....  and I thought about getting another PE770...and I found where I can get it for about $200 less than what I paid for mine.

In the end, I went the cheapest  route.  I spent $135 to get mine fixed.  I still plan on getting the Super Big Boy Bubba, and I am seriously thinking about getting another machine to use as a back up.  But for today, I will stay with my old faithful workhorse Bubba.

I get to go pick him up tomorrow from the Spa.  I hope he really enjoyed his stay.  He is averaging 2 and a half million stitches a year... NOW...Back to WORK!