Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wow, ever since my daughter got me hooked on facebook, I've been very re-miss in posting on my blog. We've been kinda busy around here, and I have limited internet/computer time these days. Gone are the days of sitting on the computer for hours at a time!

Alyssa is getting more active, and her naps are getting shorter and sometimes non existent! Any one with a 20 month old around knows what I mean! You leave her alone for a second and disaster strikes! Add to that a 7 year old...well let's just say we never have a dull moment around here!

I am almost afraid to post it here, afraid it will jinx it, but we are seriously thinking of getting a new house. It is in the hands of Duke, our mortgage guy. If he gives it a green light I will post details, otherwise I will sulk in privacy!

I have been mucho busy in the quilt department lately. It seems everyone is having babies and needs gift quilts. I've gotten one finished, wrapped and ready to be delivered, another one waiting to be quilted. I've been using the turning twenty pattern. It is not the type of quilt I normally do, but it is very fast and easy. Yesterday I managed to get a king size and a double one pieced! These are not the pretty show off type of quilt, but will definitely be the cozy comfy utility quilt that we all love!

I am also working on a class through MQR with Deb Levy. It is all about custom quilting. We are using an applique sail boat pattern. I hate applique, but it is a cute quilt. My problem is that I can't design! I can look at other people's designs and pick and choose elements that I like, but I CAN'T come up with my own designs. (quilting those designs is another issue all together!) I'm actually doing better than I thought I would, but still need to post pictures to the class for critique.

For all those who see my husband, make a comment about how much weight he has lost! He has lost 30 pounds so far on South Beach, and I have lost 25. I tease him he is only a shadow of his former self! We are making a trip in July (hopefully) back to Missouri. Last time we were there, everyone made comments about how much weight he had gained over the years. Some of his family didn't even recognize him! He really wants to be much thinner when we go back! Me, I want to loose more for Mickey Mouse! We are visiting the Mouse House in September and I would love to actually be in the pictures.... It is nice to have goals!

Speaking of the Mouse House...I have discovered T-shirts! I mean designing them! I am making a different T shirt for each day we are there! I can hardly wait to get to actually printing them out and making them! I still have another couple of things to work out, but I love the designs so far! (ok..I'm not actually designing the artwork... I belong to a Disney chat group called DISboards. There are talented DISigners on that board that make free DISigns for you. You tell them how you want them customized, and they make the artwork for you. Then you print them on transfer paper and add them to the T shirt.)

Between this and is a wonder I get ANYTHING done!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I miss you Memaw!

I promised myself no tears today, so I am going to make this brief.

Four years ago today my world took a decidedly new turn. I found out how fragile life really is, and how important it is to tell everyone how much you love them each and every day.

Today, Damien has made great progress. He will never be the little boy we knew before the accident, but we are all starting to like the one we have now (at least most days!) Brianna is growing into a little lady, mixed with a lot of tomboy!

We will visit the grave site today and drop off some roses, and we will say a few prayers for all those who have gone on before and all of us here who still have to make that journey.

Since the anniversary falls on Earth Day, we decided next year we will try to plant some rose bushes in Mom's honor. Not sure exactly where that will be, but we have a year to plan it. Maybe at a park or at church. Since Mom loved roses so much, I think it will be a great tribute to her.

As I close for today, tell your loved ones how much they are loved. You literally never know when it will be your last chance to do that here on earth.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Two pots and that is

I'm on my second POT of coffee!

To those that know me, well they know how crazy I really am! The know how much I hate storms! I won't go into detail here (in case you don't know me that well, and still think I am reasonably sane!) but let's just say I really don't like storms!

Early this morning, like about 2am, the alarm on my phone went off to let me know there was severe weather in my county. It doesn't tell me what the severe weather is (that costs, and I'm too cheap to pay for that service!), but it does alert me... I turn on the tv int he bedroom (hubby works nights so I'm on my own) to the weather channel. I see the crawling words along the bottom of the screen and see the radar...hmmm not too bad. I'll just leave the tv on, very low volume, and go back to sleep.

That would have worked fine, except the weather kept getting worse and worse! The weather channel did not want to leave me hanging, so they kept letting me know with that hideous alarm that more severe STUFF was on the way directly to my house!

The next thing I know the morning wake up alarm is going off and it is time to get up! Now, I'm well on my way through the second pot of coffee!

It is supposed to be bad again today, so probably no time to nap...not that the kids would let me. I am so thankful that I don't have any doctor's appointments or other errands to run today! dream.....