Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wow! It has been a long time...

I just realized I had been so busy I had forgotten to post on here!

Well, Mr William decided to FINALLY make his appearance on Aug 24.  He is perfectly healthy and absolutely gorgeous!  It is so nice to be an honorary grandmother again.     I can hardly wait to let the spoiling begin... and can you believe this...I am actually letting the family have time together before I swoop down to claim him as my own!  LOL!

As (I think) I posted earlier, I am taking my business in a whole new direction.  I will be focusing on one or two tshirt designs at a time.  Being able to personalize them to the wearer will be so much fun.  So far I have a football shirt that has been posted, and while I had some buzz in the beginning, they have not sold as well as I had hoped.  

Of course, I have made a few onesies and burp cloths and have decided I really LOVE doing these.  I get to have a semi baby fix while working.  Getting paid to make things for babies...can anything be any better??!!

Of course, I am putting all the business stuff on hold until October so I can finish getting everything ready for the Disney trip coming up in just  26 days, 18 hours and 32 minutes!  The biggest chore I have left to do is the 22 shirts.  

And then, the even bigger task is to get some pictures made of all the shirts!  I have promised so many people that I would post pictures of  them, so I have to get busy on them!

So, here is my very brief update.  I promise not to stay away so long this time!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Yup, it is that time of the year again!  On this date 34 years ago two important things happened. One, Elvis left the building for the last time; and most importantly, I married my lifelong friend.

This morning I woke up to find a dozen beautiful roses (in my tea picture!  LOL!) and a box of my favorite Keruig coffee cups!  Gotta love a man who knows the way to MY heart!


Thursday, August 11, 2011


Our house is some sort of a remote waste land.  Ever since Mr D learned how to take batteries out of the remote to power his 'toys', remotes are hard to keep in their 'home'.  It is easy to put your hands on a dozen dead remotes at any given moment in time.

So, there are lots an d lots of generic remotes.  You know those that can be programmed for any tv, or dvd player.  Which is fine. We work very hard on trying to teach Mr D not to cannibalize a remote for his toy, but so far our luck has been mediocre.  Of course, our best strategy was to buy a gazillion batteries and keep them around, but it is really funny how fast you can go through a gazillion batteries!

My current problem has to do with the satellite tv system.  We have 4 receivers and each one is on a different frequency and requires its own specific remote.  They are not interchangeable.

The remote in the bedroom came up missing over the weekend.  Since it never leaves the bedroom it should be easy to find.  There are only two people who ever watch tv there, and they both understand the concept that the remote must remain in that room.  So far, it has eluded capture. (since it obviously has run away!)

This morning, the remote in the living room has disappeared.  Now, this one has a bit of a disappearing habit.  It frequently  attempts to leave the premises, but is usually apprehended in either the toy box, laundry room or one of the kids bedrooms.  Its favorite temporary hiding spot is in the cushions of the sofa.  Most of the time it is apprehended before it can make its get away.

A quick search this morning was unfruitful, but a full scale man hunt will begin once the kids have left for school.  (It has long been suspected that the kids are sympathizers of the fugitives).


Monday, August 8, 2011

When last we 'spoke' I had listed two dresses...well, that was the worst experience of my life!  One never would get back to me, but I saw she bought another person's dress on the same website, Custom Boutique Resell Group (CBRG).  The other person was a piece of work of the highest level.  She was a phoney buyer...or more accurately a buyer that was using me as her wholesaler and reselling the outfits and passing them off as her own, and even used MY pictures to do it!

It is the first time I have had a negative experience selling anything, so I was totally taken back!  But it did serve as a way to jump start me in redoing my business plan.  I'm seriously reworking everything starting with what I am selling to the way I will do business.

I have today listed all my sample dresses on CBRG.  Hopefully they will sell so I can get started on my new plans.  Stay tuned for more details coming soon!