Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well, it is official.  I have procrastinated so perfectly that this morning when I woke up, there was not a SINGLE item packed!

Those that know me know how odd that really is.  I usually start packing as soon as the dates are firm!  At the very least I have a packing list ready with a list of things that need to be bought.  We leave in two days.

Normally, the husband is in charge of getting the vehicle ready to travel.  He is also in charge of getting his own things packed.  And oddly, he loves to go shopping the night before we leave to get anything that has been forgotten.

This trip he has to work over the weekend.  So all those jobs are now mine.  Sometime this weekend, I have to find time to get the van serviced and detailed, gassed and packed.  And I haven't even started PACKING!

To top it off, Miss B has no clothes to wear! She is so hard to buy for!  Yup...she is at THAT age.  Of course, she has a complete weekend planned with church activities and spending time with her older sister.  I'm not sure exactly how that is going to work itself out.  Probably she and her Dad will take a late night shopping trip Sunday night.

Of course, every time we go on vacation, something happens back here that requires at least one phone call from work to the husband.  (once he even got a call from the bad guy's mom.  She was afraid her son was about to get shot, seeing as how they had him surrounded.  His advice to said worried mom?  "Tell him to give himself up!")

So, we always wodder what is going to happen with this trip.  Sometimes it makes for an interesting trip.  Is THIS the call?  How about THIS one?

And of course, there is always the added adventure of always seeing someone that knows the husband.  Now, we have gone to his hometown.  It is about a 14 hour drive from where we now live.  VERY small town. Does he run into anyone that knows him from when he was a boy?  No, we run into someone that knows him from HERE!  We never go to Disney without someone recognizing him.  While we haven't been to the beach in a long time, we never go without running into someone that knows him.  (A few times it has been the bad guys that recognize him.  Can be a bit strange to be at a restaurant somewhere a long way from home and hearing someone say..."I know you!  You arrested me back in.....")

I suppose, if I really want to get something done, I need to get off the computer and get to work.

(and to any bad guys that are interested in the fact that we are going out of town...our house will still be occupied!  Large size son and two dogs........)


Friday, May 20, 2011

Time to BRAG!

A few years ago, we tried to get Miss B tested for advanced classes at school.  I mean she did get out of Kindergarten reading on a 6th grade level.  You would think they would have some sort of program for gifted kids that were bored out of their mind in SECOND grade.

Her teacher at the time said she did not qualify for even testing for the gifted classes.  She felt Miss B was struggling in class...even though she was making straight A's.  She would not pay attention in class and didn't do her homework at home...she did it at school during class and her teacher wouldn't let her turn it in early, so she just didn't turn it in.

(I am no expert, but it seems to me if a student was bored in class and make straight A's that is not exactly struggling, that is true boredom!)

Shortly after, we started home schooling.

During our last days at that public school, she was recognized by the school board as having aced her CRCTs.

Today, she graduated the fifth grade with several awards.  Among award for scoring the highest (a perfect score) on the language arts part of her CRCTs.  She also won an award for highest score (of her class) on her standardized writing test.  She also got her award for the Beta Club, for being on the merit roll, and a couple of others.  One she did not get was perfect attendance.  But, very few of the kids that got the perfect attendance award got very many other awards.

Who says Disney School isn't a learning experience?


Friday, May 6, 2011

I love Mr D...I love Mr D...

Yes, I am repeating this over and over in my head...and even a few times out loud!

For the past few months we have been experiencing a change in his behavior.  While it was expected, it is not welcomed.  Meltdowns have gone from a weekly occurrence to a many times a day occurrence. Some have been violent, some more subdued.  He is learning things at school that I do not like, but now that he has seen these work for other kids, I really don't know how to 'unlearn' this behavior.

This morning he had a major meltdown before school.  Started with his bath, and ended with his getting dressed for school.  By the time he left on the bus, it was over and he was all smiles and his sweet self.

...then I went downstairs to discover the FLOOD!

Seems more water went on the floor than it did in the tub...there is actually a part of the ceiling that has given away in my studio.  (all be it a small is still there!).  My first clue was a water puddle by the door way...then water soaked boxes (and contents) on the table, followed by the soaking t shirts that just came in for our Disney trip.

I at first hoped it was the refrigerator that was leaking...nope, a quick look at the ceiling confirmed...water fall started in the bathroom directly overhead...more accurately, in the bathtub from Mr D's morning bath time fun.

Now it seems our choices are...a very stinky boy...or Momma giving a boy his daily bath.  I see no good coming from either answer...sigh!