Sunday, March 11, 2012


I'm thinking this may not be a good sign!

I am so sore this morning... my arthritis is worse than it has been in the past several years!  Usually this amount of pain can be attributed to either NOT taking my meds, or to too much exercise.  Usually, just walking is NOT enough exercise top make me not able to move.  Usually, this type of pain from walking only comes after day 7 or 8 of a 10 day Disney trip.  While I did walk a lot more than any other shopping trip.

The only meds I have not been  taking was my Enbrel...and only because of the bronchitis and cough that will not go away.   I broke down and took the shot this morning...and I am soooooooo hoping it works its magic!

If this does not go away, I will have to curtail my plans for the April launch.  I will have to go only with the two outfits I have almost finished, and will not be able to offer any customs on them.  I had hoped to get at least two more outfits done. (a little brother/sister set that will be darling!)  I guess I can save them for next time!

On the agenda for today is getting some (ok...a LOT!) Velcro to make some clothes for a certain AG doll for a certain Princess that is having surgery this week.

By the way...the Princess is adorable!  She told me she is looking forward to her surgery...because people are going to give her presents because she is special!  She plans on getting some candy too!  She then asked me what I was giving her!  During our shopping trip yesterday I found a cute gown with Minnie on it at the Disney I just HAD to get that for her!  Now to see if I can replicate something similar for her AG doll... along with one or two outfits to keep her busy for a minute or two!

Hope you set your clocks back...if not...have an extra cup of  coffee for me...I think I may be drinking coffee all day today!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bits and Pieces playing Catch Up

I am been missing a bit from here lately!

I did manage to retrieve Bubba from the Spa...but he really wanted to go back.  He started spewing black oil all over everything I made.  NOT a pretty site.  The repair person wasn't much help...he said it would stop ... eventually... I could bring it back and he would clean it again.  Of course...I do live 2 and a half hours away.  Not like I could drop everything and drop it off.

He is now semi behaving himself...but is very loudly announcing his disapproval at being forced to work!

So...I did what I had to do and ordered a back up machine.  Actually I ordered a new machine and Bubba will become my back up machine.  (or more than likely I will use bath at once!)

We have had lots and lots of drama about our Disney trip.  Dates have been moved...fired on TA and got my old faithful back (even though she is NOT old!  LOL!) Number of travelers has increased, and decreased.

The bottom line is...I really want to go in November.  However, it is not worth an extra $2000 to be able to go then.  That is what the Free Dining promotion is saving us.

Unless the Free Dining is offered early enough for us to take advantage of it...we will be going in September with hopes of going in November next year.  (I have a plan on how that is going to work!)

Mr Max (our new puppy ...even though he is only a few days shy of 6 months old now) was officially named this week.  He is officially Maximillin Von Doofenschmirtz.  He was supposed to be BARON Maxinillian Von Doofenschmirtz... but I pushed the enter button too fast!  Since his official registration and naming he has received numerous offers of insurance quotes, lots of great merchandise offers and other assorted emails...unfortunately, he does not have his own email address, so they are all coming to me!!

So far he hasn't gotten any credit card offers...since he doesn't have a job I guess that is a good thing!

We are getting ready to head over to the Quilt and Sewing Expo in a little bit.  I need to pick up some more thread and stabilizers from Marathon...this way I don't have to pay for shipping.  I also get to drool over all the new machines and fabrics...I will be strong!

Of course, since Dad is working today I get the honor and pleasure of taking Mr D and Miss B with me.  I also convinced Amanda to go with us.  Two adults and two kids makes it an even fight.  Of course...I AM taking my three youngest kids with me....saying it that way sounds worse!  LOL!

I am going to be part of my first launch on Facebook!  I am truly excited about that!  I had plans for 5 or 6 outfits, but the first one has taken me 3 weeks to get it just right!  I had planned on offering it as a ready to ship (RTS) and a custom...after all the problems I have had with it I decided I am not ready to make this as a custom just yet!  LOL!
My Steamboat Willie dress has always been my most requested dress.  I had no trouble selling the dress after we got back as a I thought it was a good place to start.  I have also modified it a bit as a Grace Ruffle dress (which was much easier to accomplish!  LOL!)  So, at least I have 2 dresses for the launch.

Since the Princess is having surgery on her tootsie next week, I promised her a gown and matchy gown for her new American Girl doll.  Then I want to make some more outfits for her doll so she can play.  I have not started on this at all!  I really need to get to work!

After I get this special request done ( who can resist a Princess request?) I will try for another dress or outfit for the launch.

If you have the time...stop by our shop on April 3 for some fantastic clothes......