Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're going to Disney! is official! I have booked our September to Disney.

It didn't turn out like I had planned it. We weren't supposed to go until January 2010. Then, I found out there are a bunch of home schoolers going on what they are calling the Ultimate Field Trip in September. I tried to see if we could get in on that without buying the whole package from them, but that didn't work. I wanted to Stay at Shades of Green (a department of defense hotel on Disney property) and get the tickets from the Military Salute Disney is offering.

The more I looked, the more I liked what I saw. Disney is also offering 40% off the moderate priced resorts, which came out to less than what Shades of Green would have been. And we could get the dining plan with that deal.

Then I realized the dates for the UFT was Labor Day ... I've been to Disney during busy travel time and didn't want to do that agin. So I started looking at the dates around Damien's birthday...

So, we are staying at Coranado Springs Resort and celebrating Damien's birthday at Disney....this week long trip will end up costing us about a thousand dollars less than what we usually pay for a week at Disney...and we could save even more if Disney offers free dining in September.

I thought about making the kids new travel quilts with a Disney theme. I saw two different patterns at Disney; one in the Toontown fair and one at Minnie's House. I will see about making something similar for them..

I've tried to get the pictures from Snapfish, but can't seem to get the thing to work right...

Now, I'm off to see about drafting a pattern for the two pictures....


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day.

We actually celebrated it on Thursday since Daddy had to work nights all weekend last weekend...Brianna LOVED her new IPOD. I don't think I've seen her without it since Thursday night. Damien is still in love with his new Wii game...Sonic Unleashed. He has played it so much I can't believe it! Rex got a new camera and has given me his old one...unfortunately it doesn't take pictures worth a plugged nickel...

Rex gave me a nice diamond heart pendant. I know it is his favorite...because he has given me three of them! On Sunday, me and the kids went to Athens after church and returned it. I picked out a nice diamond ring for my right hand...and saved hubby $50 in the process!

I have been a busy little quilter these past few days. Thursday night I found out a neighbor had come home from the hospital with her new daughter. She is not just any neighbor, she used to be one of my girl I thought she deserved a nice new baby quilt. Why did I wait until after she cam home to start? I have no clue! So, in addition to making a blue rail fence quilt for Brandy's baby boy, Lucas, and one for Chrissy's soon to be born son, Jody, I made a pink windmills quilt for Hayley's daughter. I've also been working on getting the binding on two Christmas quilts for Tasha. (the binding is made and partially attached, just new baby quilts got in the way!), and I helped Brianna finish the wall hanging she made for her sister and brother in law for Valentines/Thank you . It really turned out cute. She did almost all the work herself. I put the binding on and one of the borders, but she did ALL the quilting herself. She's actually getting pretty good at it!

I've taken some pictures with my 'new' camera, but they are really blurry, so I'll have to wait until Rex gets home this afternoon to get some put on here. And I'm still waiting for Amanda to get me a picture of her Christmas Quilt!

well, it is time to go see about I have to?


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lucious Thread Give Away

Superior Thread is having a Valentine’s drawing for a $50.00 gift certificate–check it out on Mother Superior’s blog!)

I love this thread. It is about the only thing I use on my quilts...check out the blog and site.


Friday, February 6, 2009



Sometimes I really hate computers. I cannot believe how attached I have become to them. For instance, take away my Internet and what do I do? I have withdrawal symptoms. Or, take away my favorite website and I have trouble functioning....

My favorite website/forum, MQR, has been experiencing some problems lately. We had a party on Monday to celebrate 2000 members. We tried to see how many members we could have online at once. Our previous record had been 50 something. On Monday, we reached 101 online at once and over 40 in the chat room at once. I guess we must have broken the site...since then we have had at least two days where the link to the site is broken...

Last night I was in the middle of reading something and went to the second page...and all I got was a broken link notice. So, like a complete nerdy type (or maybe an addict type) I kept going back to the site every 5 minutes trying to see if the link was 'fixed'. I finally went to bed at midnight. I got up at 6:30 this morning, and nope! Still broken!

So, here it is, 8am and still no MQR...I'll make minute at a time (I started to say one day at a time, but I don't think I could make it a WHOLE DAY!!!!)

After all....I have to have my quilting fix!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is it February already?

Happy February!

OK, I've done it now! I was going to try and get everyone a small valentines day present. I had found some LadyBug socks in a pink and red at Wally World on Saturday. Of course they have to go to my oldest daughter, Amanda! I wasn't looking for them, they just found me.

That is the way I buy a lot of presents. Some of the best ones come without actually looking for them, they just find me. I actually hadn't really thought about getting Valentines gifts until I saw them. When we saw them, Damien said "you have to get those for Amanda!" it was set. I was getting small Valentine's Day gifts for everyone and Amanda was getting these socks!

When we got home, I put them on top of the entertainment center (where lots of 'stuff' goes until a new home is found)...I vaguely remember Brianna saying something about Amanda could see them...and some sort of a reply about how the house was so messy she would never be able to see them...I was wrong!

It took Amanda about 2 minutes to see them on top of the entertainment center! She is so observant!

Now, I have to find something for everyone else....too cold to go shopping today, maybe this weekend! (I know what I'm getting Rex and Bri and Dami...but not so much everyone else yet!)

Well, I finished Brandy's new baby boy, Lucas, quilt; and sent it on its way to its new owner....but I forgot to take a picture! (Someone around here is getting a new camera for Valentine's Day!) You'll have to take my word for turned out kinda cute. I learned a new way to load the quilt and it made things go so much quicker....I even took it off the frame, turned it and finished off the border. Now I have learned a new way to attach the next project will use this method!

And finally, speaking of pictures of quilts....I am STILL waiting on Amanda to get me a picture of her Christmas Quilt!!!!

Have a great day!