Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So, my last rant was on technology.  I'm thinking this one might be as well!

My printer STILL refuses to work!  It keeps telling me there is a paper jam and there is nothing there.  I know there is a way to reset the error message, but can not find it!  The manual is less than helpful.  It tells me to "remove the paper'!  I already KNOW this part!  I am waiting until 9 am to make the call to Epson...hopefully they will be able to help me.  This printer is only a few months old and I am NOT buying another one!

I am trying to learn some new software for the embroidery business.  I have lost several orders because I can't personalize the outfits with the Disney font.  I have a free version of SEU that has allowed me to do just that.  THANKS JILL FOR THE HELP!!

But, I can't seem to make it work for purchased fonts.  There is so many cute and adorable fonts out I downloaded a free trial version of Embird.  Since it is one of the programs that most digitizers use I thought it would be a good investment.

Now, that is the only thing I have downloaded to the computer (plus we did add a anew flat screen...but no new software).  Now, for the past 4 days I have been unable to load anything on the thumb drives.  Well, more accurately, I can't get the embroidery machine to recognize anything that I load to the thumb drives.  It still only shows the original 4 or 5 design on each drive.

Actually, this problem didn't appear when I downloaded the program, because since then I have downloaded a couple new designs and had no problems getting those to be seen by is just adding anything on to the thumb drives that seems to be a problem.

I plan on getting a new thumb drive and see if the problem is in the actual thumb drive...because the old computer won't let me add anything to the thumb drives either...

I have all this work to do and can't get ANY of it to the actual machine....what a wasted day!

I guess I 'll have to sit by the pool instead...


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Been a while since I posted on here...truthfully been a wee bit busy and haven't had time to sit down and actually type.  I had lots of ideas for posts, but just never had the time.

So, I will start off this post by complaining about technology (or lack of it).  When we got back from our trip to the beach, my laptop wouldn't work.  Actually just the screen died, so it is now hooked up to a monster of an old monitor so I can see what is on the screen...ARGH!

Somehow, Mr D's IPod got left behind at the hotel.  I called back to see if they had found it, and even though the manager knew what color it was before I told him, they haven't seen it...RIGHT!

My printer decided it doesn't love me any had started 'curling' up the bottom edge of the paper (which is the top edge as it comes out...meaning it is not the leading edge) as it prints.  Made for a very messy looking piece of paper.  Not bad, but if I had had a need to print a customer invoice or something important it would have been hard.

Last night, I was trying to print out the coupon for Chili's free kids meal offer, and it kept splitting the coupon into 2 pages.  After 5 tries, I finally had to copy and paste it into a word doc and play with it to print out the right way.  (the waitress told me they had a lot of people having trouble printing it out so I guess I can't really blame the printer for that one!)

Then, as a last straw, I had to print out the revised Disney hours for our September trip...and I got a paper jam.  Three Times.  And it is still jammed, even though nothing is in there.  After an hour, I decided I didn't really need the revised hours and shut it off.

Later today I'll see if leaving it in the corner alone for a few hours will give it an attitude adjustment.....


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sometimes, it is really difficult to post some things.  Trying to be vague in details to protect the innocent, will sometimes have the effect of protecting the guilty.  So, as this is weighing very heavily on me today, I will only talk in vague terms and silently convict the guilty.

When one person makes a selfish decision, it not only impacts their own lives, but those of so many more.  It impacts your family, all those who know you, your friends and coworkers, your spiritual family, and even people who never met you.  It impacts your victims and their family, their friends, coworkers, spiritual family, and casual acquaintances. The impact can be subtle and not so subtle.  The impact is long term and has many still  unforeseen consequences.

I've often heard people ask how God can allow bad things to happen to good people.  But, God allows the rain to fall on the just and the unjust.  He allows free will.  He allows the guilty to make victims of the innocent.    He also allows us to rally around the innocent to try and protect them.    He allows us to decide how we want to deal with our anger and hurt.  It all boils down to choice.

I know that everything happens for a reason.  I also know better than to question God when I can't see the reason.  It is there, we just have to wait a bit and keep searching.

So, as you make your choice today, think about how long term those choices can be.


Monday, June 6, 2011

It is Nursery Time!

After 6 weeks of work and fun, it is time to put the nursery together.  Although I am not 100% happy with the way everything turned out, I do think it will turn out pretty cute!

Let's see, I got three burp cloths (and I have no idea why only was supposed to be 4!); five bibs (again, it was supposed to be 6); one crib sheet (which I cheated and bought!); one window treatment; one bumper pad; one foot stool reupholstered (easier than I thought); one set of rocker cushion slipcovers (NOT my forte); one diaper bag; and one quilt.

Missing are the nursing cover up; changing pad, and pillow for the rocking chair.

The nursing cover up ...well, I just couldn't find the pattern I liked.  None were quite 'right', so I am still working on that one.

The changing pad...I completely FORGOT it!  I know Mama is looking for a contoured one for the actual nursery, but I wanted to make one to put in the diaper bag...One that is washable and matched the bag.  I had decided to wait until after the Diaper bag was finished and completely forgot it until a few minutes ago.  I guess it will come a bit later.

The pillow...well, I ran out of batting, so I have to wait for it to come back on sale.  It usually runs on sale every couple of weeks, so I'm sure it will be time to finish that in a few weeks.

Now...the pictures will come later.  I want to make sure Momma is completely surprised, and she might just peak here for some clues!

...guess I better make sure I have batteries in the camera!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Savannah and Tybee

Was GREAT!  We had a blast.  The weather was perfect (even though they had 2 days of record high temps, we chose those days to be at the beach, where it was 10 degrees cooler and had a nice breeze blowing!).  We did a lot of educational side trips (even though the Princess did not like one of them) and still managed to have a ton of fun.

Of course, one of the times when the kids had the most fun was at the hotel pool.  Strange how something so minor could become on e of the highlights of the trip!  The kids managed to convince dad to get in the pool as well.  We had the whole pool to ourselves.

The Princess was a bit hesitant at first to leave the steps, but once she did...look out!  She was on the rope in just a few seconds flat...she can move just as fast in the water as he can out of the water.

Mr D had purchased a snorkel and goggles at the beach and was dieing to try them out.  Unfortunately he doesn't understand the concept that the top of the snorkel has to remain above water if you want to breathe in...and after a week of using them in the pool at home, he still doesn't get it!

Miss B still thinks she should have been a fish.  It would have been so much easier to enjoy the water, knowing that you never have to get out!

We tried to eat at some local places, but the one time we tried at the beach...well, it was less than stellar.  Our favorite meals ended up being at the 'chain' restaurants we could have eaten at while at home.  We did eat at one place for lunch on River Street that was pretty good...but was a bit too heavy for the heat.

We all came back tanned, and tired!

Now, to get sewing for the Disney trip...I am sooooo far behind!