Friday, June 13, 2008

Entry Way Completed!

Yesterday, Shawn completed the grouting of the entryway. Today, we finished cleaning off the tile. We have taken the sign off the front door and have unlocked the door. We have an entry way again! and it looks fantastic. Shawn did such a good job, I can hardly wait for him to start on the hardwood floors. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

I've also started another baby quilt. This is for Dr G..Damien's doctor. She is expecting a boy, but is doing the nursery in mint green. So, I have done another rail fence in shades of mint and one of yellow. It was very quick piecing. Joanne's is having a sale this weekend, so I will go get the batting and backing this weekend and hopefully get the quilting finished by Monday morning.

She starts her maternity leave soon, so I want to make sure I get it done before our next visit in two weeks. It actually looks pretty good. I'm ordering the thread this evening, so I guess it won't be done this weekend... but hopefully as soon as I can.

We gave Ms Pat her comfort quilt this past Sunday morning. She loved it! I'll post pictures tomorrow...


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Living in a Construction Zone

We have now completed our first week of construction on our upstairs main living. Last Monday afternoon me and the kids started removing the carpet from the main hallway. My back would not let me do a lot, but giving Damien the hammer and telling him to take out the tack strips was fantastic! We might have to hire him out to a deconstruction team!

Then it took almost 4 days to get the 'hardwood' out of the entry way. The builder had glued it down! It was so thin and flimsy it ripped to shreds when we tried to pry it out! It was a mess that kept on coming. We finally took a shovel to it to get the wood out and a scraper to get the glue off the floor. Yesterday (last night really) Shawn finished laying the tile in the foyer. He will be back on Friday to grout it and then we can start on the real hardwood floor.

I didn't expect it to be such a mess. We have the basement apartment to live in so it is not really that much of an inconvenience... but since we spend most of the day downstairs, I don't get to clean much upstairs, and it is really piling up. Most of the flooring is plywood sub floor...and still has drywall dust from construction! I sweep it once a day and it is still so dusty it is setting off my allergies!

Once we start on the tile in the kitchen it will start to get inconvenient. I have a kitchen downstairs, but getting everything I need out of the main kitchen to the downstairs is going to be rough. I really need to stock the downstairs kitchen better! (but then again, the dishwasher is upstairs, sooo....)

So far the tile is looking great! Shawn has done a great job and it looks very professional. I can hardly wait to see the kitchen done.

So, until I get my floors finished I am 'roughing it'. At least for me this is roughing it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Sad Day for our Family

This is a sad post. Yesterday afternoon, the younger brother of my middle son's best friend, drowned in a tragic swimming accident. Eric was only 20 years old, and just beginning to live his adult life. The saddest part is, my husband (a police officer) had the grim task of notifying his mother. This is the second child she has lost, and both times my husband had to be the one for the family to lean on. While it is his job (and he does it well) it really hits him hard when it is someone he knows, especially a young person. When her daughter died, my husband was the officer that answered the call.

Today, almost 24 hours after the accident, we are still waiting on the 'dive team' to recover the body. This seems to be almost inconceivable to me...

Michael and Josh have been friends since the fifth grade. They are now room mates. Josh survived a tour in Iraq. Now, he comes home and looses his little brother. Somehow it doesn't seem fair to me. But I know God has His own plan.

Sending prayers to the family and wishing for prayers from you for this family.