Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Disney Update

OK...a quick Disney Update is in order!

Our party of 4 has turned to a party of 5, a party of 7 and now a party of 9! I LOVE IT!!!

It is really going to be the best time in the WORLD! I can hardly wait. I am still stressing a bit over the dining reservations, but I have decided to just let it go, the stress I mean! I'll keep trying to get what I want, but have a couple of backups ready, just in case! I'll make sure we have a place to eat each night, but if it is not the time or the restaurant I really want, I'll just be happy we have someplace to eat and have fun being with family in the happiest place on Earth!

I've only got 3 more outfits for the girls to complete. The of course the T shirts for the daytime, and something to go with the girl's dresses for dinner. But so far it looks like everything is coming along smoothly...almost too smoothly! It almost makes me wonder what is going to happen...know what I mean?

Of course, having pneumonia isn't a picnic, but I have scheduled for it to be gone by Friday so I shouldn't miss too much of my planning time! Yes, I said I have scheduled for it to be gone on Friday. Anything more than that and I am going to be in a time crunch this weekend. Besides, the doctor said the meds should start making me feel better in about 3 days...which is Thursday. So I am giving it an extra day and said I should be fine by Friday. Makes sense...right?

I love a plan!

I hate Computers!

There! I've said it!

Don't really mean it, but I said it none the less!

I guess, to be more accurate, I should say I hate computer problems! On Saturday night I noticed the Internet was getting mighty slow on my laptop. Usually when that happens I just shut down the computer and reboot. Unfortunately, that did not solve my problems, so Sunday morning I thought it might be good idea to update windows...since I haven't manually done an update in a couple of months. With that update I installed Internet Explorer 8. I took hours and hours for the update to go through...and once finished...NO INTERNET!!!

I did all the normal stuff...checked the upstairs computer (yup it has Internet access), checked the router (yup it has lights flashing), unplugged everything and then replugged, well you know. All that stuff that computer geeks tell you to do.

Monday night, my son in law came over to take a look at it. After 2 and a half hours, he was stumped. On Tuesday morning I called my Internet Service Provider...they said the problem was in the router. My router people said the problem is with the ISP. Oh, and one of them did ask me if the computer was still under warranty! (it is...but the laptop has Internet when it is hardwired into the modem.)

Now it is time to get a new router. Probably won't get to that until Friday or so. In the meantime, I have a very, very, VERY slow desktop that does have Internet access...but it takes so long going between screens I forget what I am looking at!

I love my laptop and the easy access of just a push of the button having my Internet wherever I happen to be! I really miss it! I'm trying to let my husband convince me to get an air card for his work laptop...and taking it to Disney for my laptop! I guess I'll let him talk about it for a few more weeks before I give in and let him get it!!! LOL!!!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

I love it when things work out!

I love it when things go my way!!!

We were able to snag a great deal on a used (read ancient almost) sewing machine a few weeks ago at a garage sale. It included a sewing cabinet and chair. The cabinet alone was worth the money they were asking.

It was one of those old Kenmore that used the cam system for embroidery. Many years ago I had one almost exactly like it! I loved that machine. It was a work horse. Right up until the time one of my Brownies 'helped' me load it into my car and dropped it onto a concrete floor! The shaft bent. It was basically un fixable. Since then I have gone through sewing machines about once a year.

When we bought this one, the woman told us it was her mother's, and was used constantly for years, but now there was a problem with the bottom tension and they had tried to 'fix' it but only made it worse. I opened it up, and saw there was a major problem with the bobbin, but loved the cabinet and we loaded it up and took it to its new home.

I really didn't expect to get it running, but knew the cabinet would make a nice addition to my sewing studio. I had hoped my machine would fit, but it didn't....but it did make a nice sewing surface next to my machine.

I checked out the machine to see what I could do to it and discovered the entire bobbin assembly was a wreck. In their attempt to 'fix' it they had lost a screw and a piece of plastic inside. No wonder it had terrible tension! Half the case was missing!

A quick search online and I found the part I needed to fix it...and discovered the ebay seller was only a few miles from me in Athens! I checked their bricks and mortar store to find out they did have my part in stock.

Yesterday we made a trip to Athens and I got my wonderful bobbin assembly! It was soooo pretty! Popped it in the machine, loaded the machine into the cabinet, plugged up the power and let her rip! It hummed and purred just like I remembered it...and had absolutely P E R F E C T stitches! I love the stitch quality of that machine.

My new machine is loud and sounds like a jet about to take off. It sews great, but I'm not happy with the sound. I remember my grandmother sewing until the late hours...I can't imagine my grandfather letting her make as much noise as my machine makes! Now with this one would even know if I was sewing at all hours of the night! The sound actually brought back some happy memories of my grandmother!

This 'new' Kenmore is supposed to be Brianna's machine...but I'm very selfish and want it myself. I think we will have to share!

Have a great day...


Friday, July 17, 2009

That's the way it goes!

OK...I ordered a ruffler foot through a site that will remain nameless (for reasons to become apparent soon). I ordered it on Monday morning. I went to the afore mentioned website, put my brand and model number into the search engine and what type of foot I was looking for...and Voila! It told me which part I needed and at a great price! Even with shipping, it would be 10 or so less than I can get it locally.

When I ordered it, I had to put the brand and model number in again, as well as the shank type (high, low, slant, or snap on). And once again, on the last page, it asked for the same information AGAIN! On my receipt, it had listed the part number, the brand and model number, and what type shank type. OK, there should be no problems, right?

Before I ordered, I checked out the delivery time (yes, I am very impatient!). They are in California. There charts showed me, if I ordered before 2 pm local time it would be shipped same day, and I should expect it in 3 to 4 business days. I said great! I will give them 5 days and expect it the following Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

I ordered before 7AM my time, 4AM their time on Monday. I got my receipt at 7:30 am my time. No reason to think there was a problem...right?

Fast forward to the following Monday morning. At this point I am anxiously awaiting the mail lady's arrival in a few hours! I check my email...and what do I see? A shipment notification! My order was shipped that day...a WEEK after I ordered it!!!? (I guess same day did not mean THAT same day, but the same day of the FOLLOWING week!) Although they did include a handy dandy tracking thingy through USPS.

After checking out that handy dandy tracking thingy through USPS, I discovered that the shipping INFO had been received through USPS...not the actual PACKAGE!

Thursday morning, I decided I had waited long enough and HAD to get these two stripwork jumpers finished. I have MILES of ruffles to do on them. I took needle and thread and tons of pins with me to one of D's therapy sessions and HAND gathered the ruffles and pinned them on.

I get home from therapy and guess what is in my mailbox? That's right! My ruffler foot! I am beyond excited...until I open and discover they did not send me the right one! I ordered a snap on foot...they sent me a low shank screw on foot! URGH!!!!

As I sat trying to decide what to do next, I remembered...most snap on foots have an extension that is screwed on to accept the snap on feet. I ran up to the studio to check it out. Yup! I can unscrew the snap on attachment and make the screw on foot work! I am a happy Momma again!

Now...if I can just get some time to play with that new fangled attachment and see how to make it work...I'll be making some great ruffles!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Disney Drama

You know how you stress out about something that is coming up, and all of a sudden everything just falls into place...almost too easily? You just know something is going to happen!

Well, I stressed about our Dinning Reservations (ADRs)for our upcoming Disney trip for MONTHS! Seriously! I worked out what I wanted and the times, and THREE...count 'em, THREE backups of each reservation! I got up at 5am to go online at 6 am to see what I could get and be ready to call at 7 am for the ones I wasn't able to get.

I managed to snag each and every ressie I wanted within 15 minutes of the time I wanted! I should have known it was too easy!

Friday, Shawn and Tasha told me they are going to be able to go! Fantastic! I'm so happy! It will the their first trip...all three of them! I can hardly wait! I'm even more excited now about our trip (if that was ever possible!)

So, what is my problem? I can't get any of the must have ressies for 7 people! I've been trying for hours every day all weekend. I've gotten close on a couple, but seriously, who wants to eat dinner at 3:30? I know I still have 69 days to get it right, but I can't believe this is so hard! I'm not stressing out about it...yet. I'm working on some backup ideas. But a couple of the ones I REALLY wanted, I can't come up with a back up plan for.

I know I said I originally had 3 back ups, but the problem is, in order to get them I have to re-work the whole plan...and well, I really don't have the energy or time to do that. And Besides...I really want to go to Chef Mickey's!!!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quick Funny

OK... Quick funny!

For those of you who know us, you know that Dami has some problems. We work really hard with him, on things like problem solving and reasoning...this is why this is so funny. I guess you could see it as an improvement!

He has to 'clean' his room before he can play the Wii. Sometimes I check it and sometimes not. Today is one of those times when I checked it. The standing rule is, if I can see it in the floor from the door it is not clean...

I went to check it this morning, and the room was sorta straightened. The toys were neatly hidden on the other side of his bed, the bedspread/comforter was 'thrown' across the bed, and nothing was visible from the door....except....

He had made a pile of other 'stuff' in the floor and put his area rug over it! Thus I couldn't 'see' it! No sweeping things under the rug for this boy! He just puts everything there!

Have a great day...


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let's see...I have Minnie Mouse dresses/tops ready. (still have to add buttons and make a pair of shorts to go with the top). I have the dress/top for Animal Kingdom almost finished. (waiting on the ruffler attachment to come in...there are a LOT of ruffles on that thing!) I've ordered the fabric for the Tink dress/top from Ebay. (not sure what pattern I am making with that fabric yet, but have a couple of ideas!) And...I purchased some cute pink and black Mickey fabric that I have no clue what to do with it, but I LOVE the fabric!

Now, I'm looking for some cute Nemo fabric, some Pooh fabric and something for Garden Grill restaurant....

I know what you are thinking...I've gone waaaay overboard on this! I mean, we don't even know if Alyssa is going with us or not. But I only have 10 weeks until we go, so I really have to get them made while I can. If she doesn't go, she will have some cute dresses to play in! now!
(well, I seem to only have these pictures...guess I'd better look for some of the others! Sorry they are so big. It is the first time I have tried to load pictures from Photobucket...guess I should resize them first!