Friday, May 3, 2013

I save every manual known to have ever thought about coming into my house!  Even way after the item has long died the manual can be found in my house (I just recently threw out a manual for a Commodore 64 computer system!)  So, how come the one manual I need right now I can't find?

I NEED the manual for my pool pump.  Something isn't working right, and in order to get a replacement part I need the model number of the pump.  The manufacturer no longer makes that one, so I need some info that can only be found in the manual to find a generic part.  (and of COURSE, the model info is no where to be seen on the actual pump!)

I was able to find the manual for the OLD pump that was replaced last year.  I was able to easily put my hands on the manual for the Dyson vacuum that has left the premises 3 or 4 years ago.  But zero on the current pump!

The pump is still under warranty.  Usually this particular company wants you to send back the old part before they replace it.  At this point I am still trying to find out what is I am not sure WHAT part is giving me the problem...which is why if I could read the manual I would have a better idea.  I have been working on this particular problem for over a month!  We are seriously considering just purchasing a new pump and be done with it. 

Maybe I just need to pay someone to come in and organize my 'stuff'!


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