Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

I couldn't let today go by without at least saying something about September 11. This date brings back so many bad memories of the actual events of the day unfolding. From watching it on the tv in the conference room, to being let go home at lunch time because we were in a high rise building that was on a 'list' in Atlanta that might be a target.

I remember we took turns to go into the conference room to watch the tv. The picture quality was bad, but there was no mistaking what I saw. I saw one of the towers crash down to the ground.

I remember the lack of traffic as I made my way home. It was almost like I was in a different reality. No matter what time of day I had never seen the interstates so devoid of traffic.

I remember feeling the patriotic pride that came upon us in the following weeks. Finding a US flag in any stores anywhere was practically impossible.

I wonder, as we look back on that terrible anniversary, what happened to that patriotism? It seems that bashing the US is in vogue lately. We are polarized along party lines...our candidate is best and the other one is going to rip apart the nation.

On this anniversary I hope that everyone stops and thinks, not only about the people and events that changed forever on that day, but about what happened to US since then.