Thursday, May 21, 2009


I really thought I was going crazy a few minutes ago! I am in Monroe, GA (a suburb outside Atlanta)and was trying to call my doctor's office in Lawrenceville (also a suburb of Atlanta). I called about 5 times. Each time I got a different doctor's office! I had just talked with them earlier today and KNEW I had the right number, so I hung up and tried again!

I decided not to trust my auto dialer and dialed the number directly, looking very carefully at my doctor's business card...should be right...right? Still got a different doctor's office....

So, I thought, maybe my doctor is out of the office and this doctor was covering for him. Strange, and he has never done that before, but maybe... Well, the doctor I was getting is in New Orleans! As in Louisiana! Several hundred miles away from my doctor's office!

The receptionist told me they have been getting a lot of calls this afternoon from people trying to get my doctor's office...she doesn't know why it keeps getting routed to their office.

I called the operator and she got the same thing! Now this is just plain weird! The only thing I can guess (barring some really strange phone line problems) is that someone went to lunch and put the phones on follow...and punched in the wrong area code!

I guess I'll try back later ... but this is just plain strange! And it is not even Friday or the thirteenth!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A few quilt pics

OK... I've decided it is time to post some actual pictures! Quilt pictures at that!

These pictures include one made for a baby girl; two for baby boys, one I made for myself, and one for Alyssa's Easter.

137 days and counting...

That's right! Only 137 more days until we visit the Mouse House! The plans are coming along and everything is falling into place. I still have to wait until the 90 day mark to make my dining reservations, so the only thing I can do to get ready now is to make my T shirts! Of course, I have to keep them a secret, I doubt that Rex will agree to wear them all. Especially if he see them before we go.

In less than one short month, I am supposed to be in business. That's right! I am supposed to be start taking customer quilts in on June 1. Am I ready? No. Am I going to be ready? Probably. I've still got a way to go to get the final leagal-eze taken care of, but basically I will be ready. I have about 10 notebooks full of ideas and notes, plans and strategies.

It is really kind of funny. Like I think I will immediately have 100 customers on June 1???? I expect it to be very slow going for the first 6 months. In fact, I don't really expect to have my first repeat customer for 6 months. The casual quilter takes 6 months to finish a quilt top. I'm sure I will have enough of my own to keep me busy in the meantime. After all, I am staying busy NOW!!!

As I look forward to the Crepe Myrtle Festival next month, I'm a little angry at myself for not following through with getting things ready to sell. I know I would have gone almost crazy trying to get enough inventory for a decent sale, but it would be perfect for a launch of my business!

My little sweet pea is about to wake up, such short naps now! Being a Grandma is so much fun, I wonder why my kids took so long to make me one!!!