Monday, May 31, 2010

Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics...

I have officially began the downward slope of wait, that didn't sound right.  How about, I have officially began the final stages of that doesn't sound right either.

Well, anyway, I have bought the majority of the fabrics for the final two dresses that were giving me fits.  On a whim I went ot Hobby Lobby the other day and found some perfect fabric for the Boma dress.  Unfortunately they only had a yard of it left, but are supposed to be getting some more in by this Friday.

Then, I stopped by the only Wal Mart around with fabric and found something that went really well with it, and today, my Joann's had another fabric that really looks cute with it...again they only had a yard of it left and are not going to be getting any more.  So, I think I should be able to get two Vidas out of this fabric.  I'm really please with it so far.

Then, on my dress for dinner with the Princesses at Akershus, I got the main pink and blue fabrics.  I still need some coordinating prints to make the dress complete, but with all the embroidery I have to do on this one, it is more than enough to get started.

After I make these two dresses, I will only have the Cinderella dress and the Tiana dress to do.  Of course I still have a gazillion t shirts to do...but until I get the shirts bought I don't think I will worry too much about that.

The amazing thing about all these fabrics is that I spent less than $50.00 for all of it!  And I got some other fabrics for a couple dresses to sell!  I love it when Joann's has a good sale!

So, why am I sitting here on the computer instead of down in the studio sewing?  Not sure....


ADR Day!

Well, here it is...5:30 am and I am sitting at the computer waiting on the Disney Dining System to update so I can make my last ADR... and then I get to wait until 7am to call to reserve a Bibbity Bobbity Boutique for the little princesses.

Yes, I love my kids....but this is as much for me as it is for them!

This will be the last major piece of the planning puzzle to be put into place.  From here on out, it will be a matter of fine tuning and getting things ready.  And yes, I know I could have had my travel agent do this...but it is the thrill of the hunt...or something like that, that keeps me wanting to do this each and every time.

The fact that I was able to get these a little early this year was just icing on the cake.

...and now that I have used my allotment for metaphors for today, I think I'll go get me a cup of coffee.....


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photopass paid for.........check
ADRs reserved.....check (mostly)
Dresses planned and made for:
Chef Mickey's....check
Hollywood & Vine....check
Garden Grill....check
Crystal Palace ..... check
Dresses planned for :
Cinderella's Royal Table....check
Akershus ....check
Dresses not yet planned.....


So, it looks like I am well on my way to a successful Disney trip...just 6 more months to go!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Been slighted on Facebook!

I'm not quite sure how to take this!  I have been slighted on Facebook!  Several months ago (back in December) I sent a friend request to one of hubby's relatives.  I never got a response.  Strange that I can see who he is making new friends with, but I can't make a comment.

He Just Friended One of My Sewing Friends!

Now, I'm really wondering how he knows her...she is in Canada.  So, Uncle Johnny, if you are reading about approving my friend request...I mean I'm sure we have a lot more in common than the person in Canada!



Tuesday, May 25, 2010



That is a really weighty subject.

We all know that copyright infringement is bad.  We all know it is something we don't want to be involved in.

Where it comes difficult is in that dreaded grey area!

When I purchase a pattern, I purposely look for something that has a generous copyright.  Meaning, if I happen to like it, I have the option of making it for sale.  I don't always purchase the pattern with the purpose of re-creating and selling, but it is a legal option.

It is a really great pattern, with lots of options, like The Simply Sweet by Carla C, the possibilities are endless.  You start out making the dress or top as the instructions show, but eventually, you find a way to make it your own, changing something here, changing something there.  You can easily come up with a dress that the designer never envisioned.  At the same time it is still recognizable as The Simply Sweet.

Carla C encourages your creativity.  She even posts things on her blog to help change the dress even more.  This is such a help for those of us who have an idea but have a lot of trouble getting that idea to transfer to the fabric.

I see outfits all over the place and think to myself, that is a modified Simply Sweet...I have learned to look at clothes differently.  I look at a cute dress in a store, and see how I could come up with something similar.  Sometimes it is the use of color that is so intriguing about the dress; or maybe the use of fabric that is screaming to be seen;  and other times, it is just the overall look that gives you that a ha moment.

Now, let's take a look at the grey areas of this problem.  Say, you have a bag that you have made before without a pattern, or a favorite bag you have carried for years, and then see a pattern for it.  You purchase the bag and start to make it.  This particular bag has some questionable construction techniques.  Even before you finish the bag you have ripped out and changed things to make it suit you better.  This pattern does not see to have been thought out well, and probably by a new sewer.  It looks cute, but is totally unworkable in its original state.

However, this 'designer' has decided she doesn't want anyone to make these for sale.  In order to legally make one to sell, you have to 'substantially' change the pattern.  My first problem is what is the definition of 'substantially'?  I think the extra three hours I spent reworking the pattern is 'substantial'...but it is still her bag pattern.

Or, how about the cute purse that came as a freebie from a pattern website.  It clearly states on its copyright page that you CANNOT make this for resale.  When you make it, it goes together really easy; but in an effort to make this pattern for beginner sewers, they do the construction a little different.  While it is not wrong, it is different. It also has no interior or exterior pockets (some all my purses MUST have!)

On subsequent reincarnations of this purse I will be adding pockets and changing out the construction methods a bit...but it will still be a very obvious  cousin of that original purse!

I know that in these grey areas, some people will never think twice about claiming the new 'design' as their own.  After all, they have made changes to the original pattern. But is it really new?    Is it really 'mine'?

Designers spend untold hours, days, weeks, and sometimes even months working out their patterns.  It is their baby!  I'm sure they love seeing how others have taken that baby and made their own creations.  There has to be a certain amount of satisfaction seeing something that was once in their mind come to life!  I would never dream of stealing their creation.  I would never dream of claiming it as my own.

So, to all those who wanted me to make them a bag like my Minnie Mouse bag, or a cute purse like the one I made for Ms. Miranda, I am on the hunt for a suitable pattern.  Once I find one, I will definitely let you know I am ready to make the bag of your dreams....but in the about a cute dress!  I already have a few really great patterns for that!


Friday, May 21, 2010

It is raining!

Yeah, big news I know!

Seriously, I would love to crawl back in bed this morning...the rain isn't helping much.  I am trying to be a responsible adult this morning and get something done, but truthfully, the only thing I have been abel to get done this morning is make excuses for why I can't get anything done!

It is only 10 more days until we make the dining reservations!  I am so excited!  As the park hours and other info  (a la TGM) starts coming out, I am more and more convinced we are having a perfect trip!  So far, everything is falling into place exactly like I thought it would.  Almost scary!

And, I now have gotten back into the swing of finishing up some of the T shirts for our trip.  Seems I have made one or two of them and then gotten tired of the design and moved on to a different design...leaving one or two of each design undone!  This week I have managed to get most of them done so I can feel a sense of accomplishment.

Although, I did realize last night that not a SINGLE dress is COMPLETE!  They are all missing something...from a hem to a button.  I am going to be running around that last week trying to make sure everything is finished up!  Tasha is already teasing me that I will have to bring a sewing kit with me containing lost of buttons!

I even managed to get a cute little A line finished to put on my etsy shop...but I really need to get some more things finished.  I am tired of only adding one thing at a time.  I'm thinking a baby set of a few bibs, burp cloths, and maybe a changing pad.  I REALLY want to make some baby stuff!

And to end up my post today I will at least mention that certian little boy quilt that has kicked my behind!  The tension has been so bad making the quilting so terrible, I know there is no way on this earth I could ever sell it!  I doubt anyone would even buy it for a dog blanket!  But I WILL get it finished...some day ...soon I hope!


....whoa  that rain is REALLY coming down out there...a bit of hail too.  Glad Miss B is already on the bus!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Disney Dreaming...and other things!

In just thirteen short days I get to make my dinning reservations.  Actually, twelve days from now I will be in extreme anticipation mode  I will have all my spreadsheets of first and second choices, I will have checked and re-checked the batteries on my home phone and cell phone, I will have the site bookmarked to do the ressies online, and I will have already set the alarm for 'zero dark thirty' so I can get a jump on the crowds!

After the ressies are set, then I have to rethink all the outfit choices for the trip...somehow, the fact that Miss B has grown is causing a great deal of problems in the area of clothing choices!

I have a list of what I will need to sell in order to be able to afford to do what I want to do in this is an area that I really need to work on.  Of course, if I have to remake all Miss B's clothes, I will have a few dresses to sell that should bring a bit more money than the things I have currently listed.

Only a little over a week and Miss B will be out of school.  Mr D is looking forward to the beginning of Disney school which will start the following Tuesday.  We are going to start with Epcot and go through all the parks spending about 2 to 3 weeks in each park.  I have to admit, I am really looking forward to this as well. I think reading and writing will be a lot more fun when we get to use Disney as our inspiration.

Woo I have air conditioning in the studio again!  I have been trying, unsuccessfully to get people to listen to me when I say that the air was not functioning correctly...and I have now been validated...the capacitor was bad.  About $250 later, I have air again!  Now to get back to work!


Friday, May 14, 2010

OK..I've put it off long enough...I really need to post some pictures of some of the things I am making for Disney.  Of course, in the past, pictures have not liked me very much when it comes to posting let's start and see what happens!

First up is the outfits we will wear at Disney Hollywood Studios when we eat at Hollywood and Vine.  It is a cute black and white dress with Steamboat Willie embroidered on the front and back along with Mickey and Minnie's handprints and star.

Next up will be the girls' dresses for Crystal Palace.  It is a green Santa Pooh Vida dress.  We will be wearing T shirts with Santa Pooh embroidered on them.  (notice the dress is not hemmed and the buttons are not on.  Who knows how much the girls will grow by November!)

And what trip to Disney would be complete without the ever popular Minnie Mouse dress?  This is for our dining at Chef Mickey's.  Everyone else will wear the T shirts with Chef Mickey embroidered on them.

Now for a couple of shirts we will wear in the parks.

Up first is a Minnie Joy shirt for one of our park days.

And a Safari Mickey for one of our Animal Kingdom days.

A lot of thanks go to my favorite digitizer, Heather Sue for her wonderful designs. I just need to get the rest of the clothes ready!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Time is official.  I have a problem with time!  All afternoon I have been trying to figure out where today has gone!  I mean, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the time, when I suddenly looked at the clock on the coffee pot and discovered I had better really hurry if I was going to get dinner on the table before church tonight.

I realized I had nothing to wear, and threw a load of clothes in the wash (knowing full well they would not be dry in time) and grabbed the makings for home made Hamburger Helper and started the big pot of water.

I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, so it would be ready to accept the dinner dishes when we were through.

I changed the channel from news to cartoons to keep the Princess happy while I tried to get stuff done.

Now, I have to say I found it a little strange that the Princess' mom was still on facebook at this hour.  She should be half way home by now.   I guess she is working late, that's fine, we will just take the Princess with us tonight to church services and she can meet up with her mom there.

I was also a bit pretrubed that hubby wasn't home yet.  He promised me he would be back in plenty of time to get ready for services and I wouldn't have to wait on him.

Just as I am about to finish up with dinner...I realize that the clock on the stove was different from the one on the coffee pot...there was about an hour and a half difference...

Oh least dinner is ready.  Of course it will be cold by the time we are ready to eat!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Well, I made it through the I'm waiting...again...for the doctor's call with the results!

I FINALLY got the embroidered little boy quilt on the frame.  I've spent twice as long as I thought I would to get it finished up, and now my quilter is giving me fits.  After 2 hours at the frame, I am still having tension issues, so I left it to do some school work with Mr D.  When i go back to it, maybe it will remember who is the boss...

I may, just may, have my first paying client tonight!  Of course, I way undercut the price I should be getting, but I will consider this as a family price (church family) and get my feet wet!  I will have 10 towels to embroider names on to be delivered on Friday.  Of course, they haven't been delivered to me yet, so I don't want to count on them too soon...

If it works out, this will be money for Miss B's BBB appointment at Disney.  Next I need to start working on tickets for the Christmas party!  Wish me luck!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sitting here waiting....waiting....waiting... I hate waiting!

I leave in an hour for an MRI (hate it!!!).  I keep looking at the pills the doctor gave me for my claustrophobia and wondering if they will work this time...we'll see...


On another front...I got the free download of a software that should let me add lettering to some of my embroidery stuff...we'll see.  So far I can't figure out how to save it in the right format!

If I can get that part figured out, well, we will just have to see how that goes!  I have a new found awe of those wonderful people (you know who you are, Heather Sue!) who can digitize a whole design!  I have been working on just a simple name for two hours this morning...and I didn't even have to import a font.  I was using on of the preloaded designs!  Sheesh!

Now, back to waiting......


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Twenty Seven Days and Counting!

Yup, that's right!  Just 27 more days until I make our all important ADRs for Disney!  I can hardly wait!  While I know what I want and when, the excitement of seeing how close I can get to everything I want is unbelievable. It is like the thrill of the hunt....will I be able to bag that elusive ressie?

So far, our wants list include:
Nov 28 Biergarten at Epcot around 7:00pm ish
Nov 29 Chef Mickey at Contemporary at 5:00 exact!
Nov 30 Bibbidy Bobbity Boutique and Cinderella's Royal Table as early in the morning as possible!
Dec 1 Hollywood and Vine at Disney Hollywood Studios around 7:00 pm ish
Dec 2 Arkershus at Epcot around 7:00 pm ish
Dec 3 Boma at Animal Kingdom Resort at 7:00 pm ish
Dec 4 Garden Grill at Epcot around 7:00pm ish
Dec 5 Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom at 7:00pm ish

I have dresses planned for all of the above dinners, and something still to plan for the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party we hope to do on the 30th.

Today, Tasha payed for their deposit on their really feels like it is getting close now!  By this time next week we will be at the 200 day mark!  I can hardly wait!

Disney Dreaming!


Sunday, May 2, 2010


Mount Fabric has been washed and dried...but seems to be verrrrry wrinkly!  It took two loads to get all the loot from Saturday's shopping washed, and I had to leave them in the dryer while we spent some family time with the Princess and her family!

I was afraid I would get home and forget what I was making with all the different fabrics, but I think I got it.
2 Snow White dresses
1 Special Birthday dress
4 July 4th dresses
Assorted baby paraphernalia

Hmm...maybe I didn't remember it all.  There seems like a lot of fabric for just those few projects...


Since Hubby starts working nights for the next few months, I will have more time to just sew for the fun of it.

The embroidered quilt I have been working on for a week has been giving me fits!  Each embroidered square is taking me about an hour to complete.  I'm using some sources for the designs that I have never used before.  Some of those have been surprisingly good, others are falling way short of the mark!  Those that are falling short of the mark are the ones that are really killing me.  Since the top is already pieced, and the embroidery is an afterthought, once a square is 'messed up' or doesn't come out the way I thought it should, there is no going back.  I no longer have any of the fabrics to replace a square.

The amount of time this is taking should command a higher price, but the quality of the embroidery is demanding a much lower price.  Still, I hope to have it finished and loaded within the next few days.

Today's project (after church services) will be a blackout shade for the bonus room.  It only has one small window, but it sure does let in a lot of light (even though I always found the room a bit dark when it was the studio).  Since this will become Hubby's new daytime bedroom, I need to get that finished up today.

Then my next project involves a special birthday gift... this needs to be finished by Tuesday,  While I am sure I should be able to get it finished up in just a day, I want to make extra sure it is finished before my thingy on Wednesday...I will be out of commission all day for that one! is off to Snow White land! I have been dreaming of these dresses for months now, and I can barely contain my excitement to get started on them!  I feel like with each set of dresses I make I am pushing the envelope higher.  I can't seem to be content with just a 'regular' dress anymore for Disney.  I want spectacular!  I want drama!  I want...perfection!

Now, I'm dreaming of making something equally spectacular for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!  We were originally going with just a special t shirt...but now, I'm thinking that would never do!  Of course...I still have to come up with something for Animal Kingdom Lodge's Boma.  I have an idea in my head, but I just can't seem to find the right fabrics for it...still searching....

...after only 209 days we leave for Disney!