Saturday, September 21, 2013


Not sure if this is all men, or if I am so blessed as to be the fortunate 'owner' of this particular type.  First of all, I love my husband.  He is a great husband, Dad, provider...and friend.  But he has one particularly annoying trait that, even after 36 years, has gotten to be a real pain in the rear!

He will not throw used items away.

Now, I am not taking about things that we could reuse.  Not things that someone else could ever use for anything...things are by definition ...trash!

For example, he loves to save...paper towels.  Seriously!  He will use a paper towel and set it on the counter to reuse.  Does he ever actually reuse it?  No.  I could leave it there for a week and he would not reuse it...however, it WOULD end up with several dozen friends to keep it company.

I understand that he was raised by his grand parents.  Their philosophy was you never threw anything away if it could be used for something...but paper  towels? 

I even made some reusable 'paper' towels.  I took some flannel and made squares...they can be rewashed after every use and voila...they are ready to use again and again.  Nope...he considers that gross.

But laying a used paper towel on the counter is not?

It is the same way with the K-cups for our Keurig.  I have a reusable one that I refill with my freshly ground coffee.  (besides being better for the environment it is a bunch cheaper!)  No...he uses the regular K-cups.  And then stacks them up on the counter.  I am sure there must be some craft project that they can be used for, but not one that I am wiling to save materials for!  Once the plastic is pierced, they can not be reused. 

And those plastic containers that powdered creamer comes many of them do you really need?  At any given time I can put my hand on a dozen or so...and I am not talking about those individual things...I am taking about those large containers of CoffeeMate..(or is it Cramora...I can never remember).  I am not really sure what they can be used for.  I did save a few of them for storage in the sewing room once...and discovered they didn't really work the way I had planned.  I am sure I could make pencil holders or something to hold paint brushes...

I could go on and on...but I think you get the message.

Now, I  on the other hand, only save important cereal boxes.


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