Sunday, June 9, 2013


My youngest daughter just compared herself to Cinderella... as in she has to do 'everything' around the house!

When I was younger...much much younger, I thought that summer break was just that...a BREAK!  Right up until the year my mom started working outside the home.  My little sister went to day care and my brother and I were left at home... can you say, sleep as long as you want and eat what you want and watch tv all DAY!

That lasted for about a week.  That is when my mom realized that she had evidently failed to teach us the process of putting away stuff you got out.

After that we were expected to get up at a reasonable time, we each had or own 'chores' we had to do and then...and only then....were we allowed to watch tv.   However, the loophole was if we went outside we did not have to do our chores first....  I think I was about 12... from that point on I realized that putting up something after you used it was a pretty good plan.

My first 'set' of kids sort of understood this idea.  They knew they had 'chores' to do...and somehow it tied into some sort of responsibility...but they didn't really care what that was all about, just as long as they could figure out the least amount of work they could do to get 'by'!

With my second 'set' of kids things were different.  By the time they were old enough to help out much around the house, I was no longer working.  I have always had a problem wanting Mr D not to feel 'different' .  Makes for a problem when trying to give them 'chores' as they got older.  (Equal but separate?)

Now that summer is in full swing...we are attempting to give the kids more responsibility...more than just keeping their own rooms clean (although this is a quality they have yet to master).  Sort of a  "everyone living in the house has a job to do " type thing.

Currently, they are given a choice between 3 'chores' each morning...  (not a single one has included cleaning the cinders out of the fireplace!)  They choose one.  That is it...just one.  It takes them a total of less than 30 minutes.  (I could do them on my own in less than 5)

That chore seems to have been the breaking point for my daughter.  I mean we have so many rules!  Like you have to be out of bed at a reasonable time...because breakfast is over at 9am.  If you miss it, you don't get anything until lunch. 

So, even though we are going to leave next week for a short Disney then beach vacation to celebrate "someone's " thirteenth birthday; even though the pool is now open on any day that isn't raining and the temp reaches 80 degrees; and that same someone has everything she has ever asked for....we are treating her like a maid...and worse!  I am now the evil Step Mother ...just without the step.

OK, fine...if that is the way she wants to be... I just reminded her that Cinderella married the Prince....  of course, if there are any mice showing up to do the exterminator will be called!