Sunday, September 11, 2011

All the shirts are finally done

With a little over 11 days to go, I finally managed to get the last shirt done this afternoon.  With each shirt taking about an hour to complete, it was no easy task.  Yesterday I managed to get 7 completed; even with taking a detour to Joann's with my oldest daughter.

So, now that I can be reasonably sure that the two kids , hubs, and I will be dressed for Disney, I can go back to more fun planning Disney!  LOL!

A few changes to our line up, my daughter and her wonderful husband have decided to join us.  Of course, they missed out on all the fun milestones of the countdown, but will be there for the actual fin IN Disney!

I've also gotten a new computer (which is part of the reason the shirts have taken so long.)  I needed a design that was in the computer...but the computer had died. After trying for w a a a a y too long to get the computer in the studio to play nice, hubby decided he would go buy me a new laptop.  My only problems with it so far is that the keyboard is 'different' and I am having a bit of a problem getting used to typing on it....or maybe I am the one that is a bit 'different' and it is having trouble decifering what I am banging into the keyboard...not sure which!