Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Princess has a new quilt ...

I FINALLY finished her quilt from September's visit to Disney!

This is the whole quilt:

It is made of autographs from our trip as well as scraps of fabric from her dresses we made for the trip.  I think it turned out cute....not perfect, but cute!  And she likes it so that is what matters!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Idea for Autograph quilt

OK, I know...two posts in one day...but I got an IDEA!!!

I was looking at the Princess's autograph quilt and realized...she can't read the autographs!  I don't really have the time to do it now...but for the one in Nov/Dec...I am going to embroider a small character (like maybe in the corner) of each autograph square so she will be able to identify them all!  I think that will be soooooo cute!

Next time I will make the squares a bit larger, so they will fit in the hoop better and then trim them to fit. I'm not sure if I will embroider them first...or have them signed first.   I know this way there will be a lot of wasted fabric, but I think it will be soooo cute!   I can clearly see how this can be a bed-sized quilt!

Pretty in PINK!!!

So, Miss B has her Father - Daughter coming up in two weeks.  The theme is Pretty in Pink.  You would think that would be my first clue that all the girls are supposed to wear PINK.  Nope.  Not this girl.

Miss B hates PINK, so I let her design her own dress for the event.  She chose to have it made similar to her quilt.  Her quilt is made of some fabric I had left over from My DIL and DS's quilt from a couple years ago.  It is a primarily green print with small PINK flowers.  Several different co-ordinating prints with the same theme of minty green and PINK.

She then decided she wanted it to be a skirt and top.  For the skirt, she chose the Patchwork Twirl from Carla C (GREATEST designer in the WORLD!) with a Portrait Peasant (from same GREAT designer) top.

We have finished the skirt (somehow I messed up on the math and it did not turn out perfect, but still looks cute) and was getting ready to cut out the top...when we get a reminder from the school....uh yeah.  Girls are supposed to wear PINK.

So, Monday, I get to take a trip to Joann's to see if I can get some PINK fabric to make the top in PINK and use the minty green print as accents...

...wonder if I can get dad to wear a PINK tie?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Never try to quilt when you have a fever!

Yup, that's right.  I tried to actually quilt when I was running a fever.  Take a guess as to how that went!

It was the first time I had attempted to use the quilter (named Kenny by the way!) since we moved the studio downstairs.  Yes, that is how long I have been sick.  Anyway, I noticed it didn't move as smoothly as it did before, but wasn't sure if it was the machine or how I was feeling, so I didn't check it.  Not ONCE did I check the tension!  That is the FIRST thing I usually check.  Especially if I haven't quilted on him in a while.

The last quilt I had on that machine was Christmas presents....does that tell you how long he has been sitting unused?  And, when you add to that mix the fact that he used to be in the upstairs bonus room and has now moved to his new digs down in the basement...I can't believe I thought I could quilt without checking the tension!

So, I ended up spending the whole night ripping out stitches.  Something that you CAN do with a fever by the way!  It won't be able to go back on the frame today, but maybe tomorrow. (unless I actually go to a doctor and find out what is wrong with me!)  It is a small quilt for the Princess to take to the hospital with her next week, so I am sure I can get it quilted and bound this weekend.  If it were a big one I might not be able to get it finished in time.

I will say I managed to add a bit of embroidery to it, and I do like the way the top turned out.  I think everyone needs a new quilt to snuggle with when they go in for surgery...right?


Monday, February 22, 2010

I am beyond livid! Mis B came home from school today and immediately came to talk to me.  Highly unusual!  It seems her old nemesis is back in her school.

Two years ago, we took her out of school because she was getting her life threatened by a class mate, because she was 'mixed'.  He told her she didn't deserve to live and he and his 'crew' were going to 'take her out'.   She was so upset, she didn't want to go to school.  This is a girl that begged to go to school even when she was sick!

The school did not take it seriously, because the little boy in question was black (so, according to Walton County Schools, you can only be accused of racial harassment if you are white), and after all, they are only in the second grade!  How serious could his threats be?   It took repeated complaints, meetings and finally threatened legal action for the school to act.  Their solution?  They moved Miss B   to another class (clearly a case of punishing the harassed and not the harasser)  This actually served to make the Bully's case!  Mess with me and you get moved to another class!    

It bothered her so bad, we actually took her out of public school and started home schooling her.

Now, two years later, we put her back in public school so I could concentrate on her brother and his special needs education. She came home today and told me they have a new is the same boy from 2 years ago.  Evidently he moved out of the school district and has now come back.

Again, he is making threats.  Very specific threats.  Not only to her, but to a couple of other students as well.

This type of behavior is learned.  Children are not born with a hatred of people based on the color of their skin.  Where is this type of behavior learned?  Usually at home.

I have sent a strongly worded email to the teacher, principal, school superintendent, my school board representative, and our attorney.  Hopefully, we will see some action on this tomorrow.


Odd Monday Ramblings!

Being sick is ridiculous!  There should be laws against being sick on a weekend...especially when the temps reach 65!!!  After church services yesterday I took a nap...a nice, long nap.  When I woke up I felt a little better, but not quite good enough to actually do anything!

However, on Saturday I did manage to get some designs stitched out, and I really like how they are coming along.  I already see a big difference between my first designs and the ones I did on Saturday.  My goal calls for me to start working on our trip clothes in March, and I think I will be long as I am not sick!

We are now on day 10 of no hearing in my left ear.  The pressure is so bad I can sometimes barely move my head without crying. Although, in the last two days I have had brief periods of the pressure lessening, only to come back in a few seconds.  I'm choosing to take that as a good sign.  No where can I find any reference as to how long is too long for the pressure.  They all just say it varies.  So...the next day Hubby is off I think I might just take myself to a regular more ER visits..we'll see.

We had a little thunder shower early this morning.  That is really great, because it means spring is definitely coming our way!  See, some people time the seasons based on what is growing in their garden.  (since I really don't have a garden, that kinda leaves me out!)  I base it on when the thunderstorms return!  The temps have been in the 60's for the past weekend and now we have thunder ... spring is just around the corner! (even if the weather people are predicting possible white stuff to fall from the sky later this week!)

Well, school starts back today, so I have to get all Mr D's school books out and try to ease him back into a schedule of reading and writing.  Yesterday, after Sunday School, he asked me if he could learn to read now, becase all the other kids in his class can read....I'm taking this as a sign that he is ready to tackel reading again!

Wish me luck!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Evidently I am a 2 year old.  I have a double ear infection.  I have no fever, but I have the ear ache like crazy!  My left ear is so stopped up I can barely hear out of it, and the right isn't much better!  Bending down causes so much pressure I think I  will scream.

How in the world does a 2 year old do this?  Mine were always cranky with an ear infection, but this is beyond cranky!  I just want to sit on the couch (can't lie down, hurts too much) and cry, or sleep, or something!

I know the house is beyond dirty, but I really don't care...much.  It takes me an hour just to get the dishwasher loaded.  I have my new toy, Bubba, down in the studio and haven't felt like going down all weekend.  I have two outfits almost completed, but they will have to wait.  I'm so dizzy I don't think I could make the trip downstairs.

Hubby wants to go take Mr D to get some new shoes this afternoon.   (Cissy got mad at him and threw them in the trash.  Unfortunately the garbage man came before we knew this....) Truthfully, even the prospect of a shopping trip isn't making me want to try to go out!  Hey, maybe I am feverish after all!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

I HATE being sick!

Well, it is official!  This is the worst winter in history for me!

On Friday we got 6 inches of the white stuff, and I am too sick to go out and play in it!  I haven't gotten over the bout of pneumonia from two weeks ago, and now I have a double ear infection, URI, and sinus infection to add to it!  As long as I am fighting this infection, I can't take my arthritis medicines, which is making for an achy body as well as a sick body!

And now, we have another winter weather advisory for more snow tonight!  Come on people, I chose to live in the south to escape the snow and yucky-ness of winter weather.  I had visions of playing in my sewing studio all weekend, instead, I have spent most of the weekend either asleep on the couch or napping in my bed.

I guess this is what getting old is all about....not for the faint of heart!!!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's here! It's here!

I feel a bit like Steve Martin in The Jerk!

We came back from our Athens therapy appointment, and UPS had left me a present on my front door stoop.  (do they even call it a stoop anymore?)  Luckily, the kids had already had lunch...cause all I could think of after it came in was getting to sewing!

I had read and re-read the manual online, so when it got here (known as Bubba) I was ready to get to work!  First, I have to say I was blown away by how smoothly it stitches out!  Now, all the reviews said it stitched out beautifully, but I don't think I really was prepared for just HOW smoothly it stitched!  It is very user friendly, and really pretty easy!

I do know a couple of things are going to take a bit of practice.  1- centering my design on a T shirt.  My first attempt was way off, but I gained a better understanding as to just how difficult it is to center a small t shirt.  I am going to take some of the appliques off the t shirts we took to Disney on our last trip and put some embroidered designs on them to work out some of the centering issues I have.  2- trimming the applique close enough.  There is no way to 'get' this except for more practice.  It is one of those things you just have to 'feel' your way through.  I actually was able to trim it up afterwards to look nice, but it was really scary to trim after all the stitching was done.

Today, I think I will work on placing some of the applique I am planning on using for the girl's dresses.  Some are a bit complicated, so it will take a couple of practice runs before I feel confident with it.

...and if the snow stays out of here, I want to work on a t shirt to go with my twirl skirt for my next Wish trip Big Give.  A nice pink t shirt with an applique of Winnie the Pooh on it.  I can hardly wait!

Jeanne / Nini

Monday, February 8, 2010

Between being sick and the weather, things have been a little crazy around here.  I did manage to get some fabrics for the next Big Give for some Wish Trip kids.  I'm making a Pooh twirl skirt (and maybe a T shirt to go with it) and a Tink Vida. 

I've managed to wash the fabric and had it folded together so I could make sure I like the fabrics together.  Well, the Princess saw the fabrics and informed me that two or three were her 'favorites'.  She mbrought them to me and asked me if I was ready to cut her dress out yet?  "We can go downstairs and be quiet".  When I informed her it wasn't for her dress, she climbed into my lap, kissed me and said "Please?"

So, after therapy today, I guess we are making a trip to Joann's for some more fabric.  They have a Valentine's party this Friday, so maybe I should make her a Valentine's dress...hmmm


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Woo Hoo!!

Hubby just came home and gave me the go-ahead on the purchase of my brand spanking new embroidery machine!  I can hardly contain myself!

Now, how on earth am I going to wait until the 15th for it to come in!

I have been trying so hard to be financially responsible...but it is hard!  I really want an embroidery machine.  So bad I have convinced myself that I NEED an embroidery machine.  I researched all the available models, found the best deal, decided how I can pay for it.  Even convinced hubby I can make him some shirts for his business.

So, I was supposed to order it on Monday.  Then one of my 'checks' was $100 less than I was expecting.  It will go back up next month and I 'probably' will get the missing $100 back ... but I am not comfortable without having the money in hand.  So, I am waiting.

Our income tax refund is sitting in the bank right now, so it isn't like I don't have access to the money.It is just that money was earmarked for some bills to be paid off.  So, I am waiting.

If I ordered it today, it wouldn't get here for 2 weeks.  And then my plans only call for the time until the end of the month to get used to it before I have to start using it for Disney shirts.  So, I am waiting.

Waiting is so hard!!!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Well, we decided on the November/December time frame.  So, I am back to my original plans.  I am in the process of getting over a stupid cold. (at lest I THINK I'm getting over it.  It may be getting over ME!)

Well, I discovered the Precious dress seems to be running a bit smallish.  I had to enlarge the pattern a bit to make it a size 12.  I will give a brief account as to how I did it (only for my own information...I really had problems with this!!) Carla C's wonderful information tells you how much to enlarge a pattern for the larger sizes.   My problem was, I didn't want to go to a copy place and pay for the enlargements!  (I'm cheap that way!)

My first thought was to just print it from Adobe in the enlarged size...but the Adobe version I had only gave me the option of 100% and 125%.  Neither was working for me!  My other computer had an older version of Adobe, but no printer!  SO I got a free version of Foxit...but it didn't like my printer.  So I finally found an add on to the tool bar of Adobe so I could at least make the screen show the right size, then I just used it as a light box and traced it on a piece of paper.

Now, when I go to make it I'll see if I got it right.

Now I have to get some more fabric so I can remake both dresses!  In the mean time I have made a total of 4  patchwork twirl skirts.  The Princess liked hers so much she didn't want to even take it off!  Now, what type of shirt goes with a patch work twirl skirt?  HMMM...