Sunday, February 27, 2011

Disney is on...and maybe add .....?

With all the talk about the government shutting down next Friday because the kids in Washington can't play nice and decide on a new budget, got us worrying about our income tax refund check.  It was due to be back next Saturday.  Kinda scary.  We started preparing for it by getting all our ducks in rows...

Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was already in the bank!

It made us start thinking in earnest about how we were spending it.  We have a couple of bills that needed to be paid for (some dating back 6 years to before the accident...when I actually made lots of money!)  And after they were paid there wasn't going to be a lot left over.

In the mail yesterday, one of the bills had a settlement letter.  You know, one of those that say you owe us this amount, but if you pay us this amount within 30 days we will call it even.  That new amount is less than half the original amount!  Doesn't take a rocket scientist to decide what we were going to do!

So, after Monday...our basement remodel will officially be paid for!  It only took us 7 years!

But, that left a lot more money for us to 'play' with.  After much discussion...I am getting the deck around the pool (wooooo hoooo!), hubby is going to pay the room and meal portion of the Disney trip (another big woooo hoooo!) and.....we are going to try and squeeze in a short 3 or 4 day trip to the beach!

I may be getting THREE vacations this year!  One to Disney; one to the beach; and one sitting around my own pool!  Can a girl get any luckier than that!!!!!


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